Sleeptacocation (Dallas)

Let’s be real friends, if Billy did not live in Texas, my grand total of trips to the great state thus far would be one.

Instead, I have been to Texas a lot!  Or at least, more often than I believe I would have been otherwise.  I will also go so far as to say that after my stint on the balcony at the Carol of Lights in Lubbock, I feel a kinship with the people of Texas.

So.  I can now add Dallas to the list of Cities In Texas That I Have Visited.  Also on this illustrious list: Lubbock, Odessa, Marfa, Houston.

This was a trip of mixed feelings.  Honestly, I missed Critter so much it hurt.  I wasn’t at all worried about how he was being cared for, but the separation was just hard.  It was 100% a healthy and important thing to do, but it was a huge transition to go from being Mama On Call 24/7 to Solo Artist.  In some ways, I slept better.  I got to sleep six hours straight on Wednesday night!  I got to nap unapologetically on Friday afternoon!  In some ways I slept worse.  I was inexplicably awake for two hours straight in the middle of the night on Thursday.  Due to my early Saturday flight time, I only got to sleep for four and a half hours on Friday night.

BUT.  I got to go spend 72 hours alone with my brother and at this point in our lives, I know that the number of opportunities that we have to go on sibling adventures just the two of us will continue to dwindle.  There will be more Critters.  Someday he will have a family as well.  He was a total champ because not only did he do a good job of plotting out adventures  (the only thing I planned ahead of time was lunch with a girlfriend), but he also was patient with the fact that all of our adventures had to function within some sort of pumping schedule.  Being a lady is so cool.

ANYWAY.  What did we do?

The Sixth Floor Museum

Dallas: Place of so much history.  Including the tragic assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  After we had been through the museum, I told Billy I found it a bit odd that such a place exists where you can stand only feet away from where Lee Harvey Oswald fired the fatal shots.  I understand how all of this can be important in terms of telling they story of that fateful day.  I can also see how it can be helpful in laying to rest a number of conspiracy theories surrounding the President’s death.  Regardless, it was all still interesting to learn about.

The George W. Bush Presidential Library

The first Presidential Library I ever visited was Truman’s in Missouri.  They really are interesting ways to showcase history as well as how the leaders of the day shaped and were shaped by the events that took place.  FDR came up with the idea, however, Hoover is the oldest President to have a library.  I’d love to be able to visit more of these as we continue to travel across the U.S. in the coming years.

Where did we eat/drink?

Deep Ellum Brewing Company

These people know how to brew beer.  I feel like for every good taproom your visit, you visit how many mediocre ones?  Billy had an IPA, I ordered a sampler.  Every beer was delightful.  I might need him to bring us some cans home at Christmas, or Thanksgiving, or whenever it is that he checks a bag when he is flying home.

This is also where I ate what is quite possibly one of the world’s most majestic foods: Elote Tots.

I have already figured out how I could action these for us at home.

The Truck Yard

They don’t brew their own beer, but they showcase a lot of great Dallas brews, and have a fantastic backyard of sorts for you to enjoy them in.  Lots of lawn furniture and picnic tables.  AND, a rotating set of food trucks!

The food trucks they had when we visited were Italian, French, and Lobster Rolls.  All tasty, but not exactly in-line with my tasting tour of Texas.

Steel City Pops

No snaps, but I would like the record to show that I ate a fancy popsicle.  Butter Pecan dipped in Dark Chocolate, to be specific.

TEN50 Barbeque

Billy said we should eat here, so we ate here.  The brisket was great.  The ribs were great.  The macaroni and cheese was great.  The beans were great.  Do you want to know what was really great?  THE BRISKET STUFFED, BACON-WRAPPED, JALAPENOS.  Now THOSE were great.

Henry’s Majestic

Obviously we had to eat lunch after going to the Bush Library since we did not dine at the cleverly named Cafe 43.  Enter: Henry’s Majestic.  Restaurant with the kind of patio we could only dream of in Minnesota.  $5 glasses of wine and tap craft cocktails.  For lunch, we split the roasted onion dip.

Billy had the prime rib sandwich with jus.  I had the burger spiked with marrow.  I still cannot tell you what, exactly was the marrow part but I can tell you that for the first time since I had the Au Cheval burger, I felt like I could go on in the world.


Slynnro was kind enough to respond to my query for Cool Places To Eat and this was on her list.  They had available reservations at short notice, and the restaurant was in the Deep Ellum area, which I happened to find cool.

To start, we ordered the ham and pimento cheese plate at the suggestion of the waitress (otherwise we were in a fried green tomatoes sort of mood).

And then I stopped taking darkly lit pictures.  But Billy got the steak.  I got the ribs.  He drank cocktails.  I drank wine.  There was some macaroni and cheese.  Everyone was happy.

Glazed Donut Works

This discovery was also c/o Slynnro.  Apparently this is a place you can go at breakfast time, but it is also place you can visit late night.  After dinner, we hustled over here where I sourced a Samoa donut.  An excellent creation.


I thought about not including this, but y’all, I would not be true to myself if Whataburger didn’t make the list.  Fact: We visited four times in four days.  My flight down to Dallas was basically an Oregon Trail-style adventure and by the time that I finally collected my luggage and made it into Billy’s car, the two tacos and two liters of water that he had brought to the airport were just…not enough.  And so our Whataburger-capades began.  He made me order the large iced tea because he wanted me to see what they believed one person could consume.

In all seriousness, the only food plan I made for my visit was to eat a Egg Sausage Jalapeno Cheddar Breakfast Biscuit each day.  It really is probably one of the finer foods I have ever eaten in my life for a host of reasons and so beginning on Thursday morning, I fully committed myself to this cause.  I will also be so honest as to say that the only “souvenir” I brought back from the trip was a container of Spicy Ketchup from the Central Market.  I am not too proud.



5 responses to “Sleeptacocation (Dallas)

  1. Whoa! What a culinary adventure (when ya’ll probably didn’t intend it to be such)! And… ” I feel like for every good taproom your visit, you visit how many mediocre ones?” <– agreed. I wish I could weed through them and not waste money/calories/time on the mediocre ones. Glad it your trip was so great!

  2. brisket stuffed bacon wrapped jalopenos? if i don’t find a man to marry me, I’m just gonna move to texas and eat that every day for the rest of my life.

  3. It looks like you had a great trip! They have Steel City Pops in Alabama and I fell in love with it too when we were there this past spring. I wish we had something like it in the Twin Cities. I can’t wait to snag that recipe from you when you blog the elotes tots.

  4. I loved reading this post!! You hit up all the good spots!

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