Friday Food Round-Up!

Howdy from Texas, y’all.

This week, I actioned all manner of food for new families and packed it of to their respective houses.  Truly we will be repaying the kindness of our friends for years and I am so happy to do it, knowing how much it meant for us.

What we cooked from the pantry list: Shredded Coconut, Israeli Couscous

Final note before we get into it: I wrote out a recipe for Coconut Tres Leches Cake.  I hope you love it as much as we did.  We’ll definitely be making it again.

Friday – Grilled Beef Bool Kogi from Trader Joe’s, Roasted Broccoli, Sweet and Salty Coconut Rice from Cravings, Chicken Cilantro Mini-Wontons from Trader Joe’s

Mike and Jillian kindly joined us for dinner at our house since you know, it’s get a babysitter or stay in.  Since it was a Friday night and I had been away at work all day, I wanted something easy.  Trader Joe’s marinated meats to the rescue.  Also, Trader Joe’s Chicken Cilantro Mini-Wontons (an all-time fave that I forgot to take a picture of!) to the rescue!

The leftovers from the beef and rice ended up going into some tacos for lunch on Sunday.

Sunday – Simple, Perfect Chili from The Pioneer Woman Cooks, Cheesy Jalapeno Bacon Cornbread from Cravings

I don’t think we’ve eaten chili for dinner together since maternity leave, when people brought us lots of chili.  This is always such a fantastic recipe (the chili but also the cornbread!) and it is just the best dinner.

Fregola with Artichokes, Feta, Toasted Almonds, and Herbs, Soft Fried Eggs, Leftover Roasted Broccoli

Frequently, when I tell Marcus what I’m going to make, he looks at me and says “I’m sure I liked it.”  Even if I’ve made a dish, say, dozens of times.  It has gotten to the point where when I tell him what I’m going to make, I beat him to the punch and I tell him that he liked it before.  When I wheeled out this meal (made with Israeli Couscous instead of Fregola), Marcus looked at it and exclaimed I remember this one, I like it!  The angels sang, y’all.  The angels sang.

Wednesday – Mom’s Green Chili Enchiladas with Cilantro-Lime RiceBlack Beans, and Guacamole

I put this on our meal plan because when Marcus went out of town, I distinctly remember that this created leftovers for days.  And it does.  A dinner for each of us, one lunch for me, two for him and still a pair of enchiladas left to pop into the freezer!  Magic, all of it.


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