Friday Food Round-Up!

This week we used the following items from our pantry list: Turkey Burgers, Grillin’ Beans, Barley, Lentils, Shredded Coconut, Vanilla Instant Pudding Mix, macaroni.  Honestly I was shocked because even having cooked with these things, we still have barley, lentils, and macaroni (apparently it was a 32 oz box!).  I guess you’ll see them again!

Saturday – Turkey Burgers, Grillin’ Beans, Roasted Broccoli

We were out of the house all afternoon so I wanted to action something that was not going to be terrifically difficult to prepare.

Sunday – Roasted Chicken Thighs with 4-3-2-1 Spice RubRoasted Cauliflower with Brown Butter from Ruhlman’s Twenty, and Herby Barley Salad with Butter-Basted Mushrooms

Apparently we made This Exact Meal and ate it on These Same Plates with This Same Silverware on New Year’s Day 2016.  I knew I was having some deja vu here.

Monday – Lentil Soup

Let’s be honest y’all.  Lentils usually taste like dirt.  Of all of the lentils I have ever made, they have been mediocre at best and profoundly underwhelming at their worst.  Since I had 3/4 of a bag of them sitting in my pantry, I decided to resource a recipe from because even though it is not a glamorous site, it is Of The People and I knew that they would recommend something appropriately tasty.

I linked to the recipe because it was enjoyable, BUT (but!) you must make the following modifications based on the comments: four carrots instead of two, double the basil and oregano, chicken broth instead of water, top with parmesan, and I skipped the spinach because it sounded ill-fated.

It was good.  I’d eat it again.  Which is good because it made leftovers and a container for our freezer meal stash.

Wednesday – Coconut Tres Leches Cake

I feel like lately, I am posting all of these things I’ve made and there is no actual recipe to guide them.  This was my contribution to breaking the fast and I was pleasantly surprised that other family members also like coconut!  I also shared pieces with my parents (who were at our house “watching” Critter while he slept) and we collectively agree that it would be worth making again.

Thursday – One Dish Chicken Macaroni Casserole from Farmhouse Rules, Garlicky Wilted Spinach

This is deconstructed Coq au Vin. Tasty but too intense for a weeknight. Pro: Got another freezer meal out of the deal!

Miscellaneous – Earth Cookies


Someday, I won’t need to make these anymore.  Except then I’ll probably be making them as “cookies” for my child.  So there’s no escape, really.


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