Baby Updates

Where to even begin.

  • We have now introduced dairy (greek yogurt and cheese), scrambled eggs, peanut butter and raspberries and no allergic reactions after three days of each so thank God.  We don’t have allergies in our family but I feel like they’re so much more prevalent these days that you just never know.
  • It seems like we are finally coming out of two months straight of teething/growth spurts/sleep regressions/leaping and it feels really good.  He still isn’t sleeping through the night (and by that I mean he wakes once or twice, depending on when his first waking is) but we’re getting back to a place where we are getting REM cycles and he isn’t screaming and GOD that is so important.  But, he might be starting to cut more teeth and he is the type of tot where it is impossible to be REALLY sure until it starts to break through the gum so, party time!
  • On that note, I just want to take a note to acknowledge that I have gotten exactly two full nights of sleep since January 28 when I went into labor.  I only say this because Marcus was astonished at the size of our coffee pot and exclaimed that it was a half gallon and I said that yes, over the course of the day, I was drinking nearly a pot of coffee (half in the morning!  half in the afternoon!).  I know this is just a season and most of the time I think we’re doing pretty darned well for ourselves but it’s good to remember that there is tired and then there is this place that we are in and that literally any functional thing that we do is a tally in the victory column of The Human Spirit.
  • Pacis. We have many. I have purchased even more as we switch from Soothies (for babies without fangs) to the Nuk. As I provision our house as well as our parents’ we are dropping all the $$$.
  • Only four months left of nursing.  As I look at the two trips I have coming up (DFW, NYC), I have to take stock of what my frozen milk stash looks like so I can see if I can make it through the first trip without having to introduce formula.  Since the first trip is longer than the second (and I will be pumping and bringing milk home), I’m thinking that there should be more than enough milk for while we’re in NYC.  Who knew this would be something that I had to care about?
  • This situation also compelled me to purchase a hand pump because I’d prefer to check my electric pump instead of having to carry that onto the plane.  I’m really hoping I can avoid pumping on the plane/in airports, but I need…a backup plan.
  • ECFE has just been a blast.  It is so fun to have a place to on Thursdays.  Critter gets to play with new friends.  And new toys.  And sing songs.  All things that he loves.  I get to talk to adults, which I love.  Only con, unless he takes a great morning nap (this is not a frequent occurrence), he is either going to fall asleep at some point during the class or I am going to have to fight to keep him awake for our drive home so he can take a real nap in his crib at home.
  • Marcus and I both got our flu vaccines last week.  Critter will get his at the beginning of November at his next appointment.
  • We have finally said farewell to Playmat and Monkey Seat because Critter has outgrown them.  I ordered an activity table that arrived on Monday.  Real talk: I ordered the cheapest one because when Critter sits at it, he is able to reach over it and when he is standing up, it is already at waist-height.  This is what is so tricky about being a tall baby.  Also thrilling: removing Playmat and Monkey Seat frees up some floor space which makes my heart a little bit lighter.
  • Night diapers: I don’t know if I ever provided an update on this.  A few months ago (who knows when, really), I ordered Thirsties inserts, that we add to Critter’s regular prefold diaper at night.  They’re hemp and they  really do a great job of wicking away and absorbing moisture (AKA the pee).  Glad we bought them, if you’re a cloth-diaperer, would support you in purchasing these as well.

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