Saving $$$: Emptying the Pantry

I’ve always been sort of impressed when people move and they start cooking meals exclusively out of their pantry/freezer so they can minimize the amount of food they have to move.  Or people who put a freeze on their grocery shopping until they’ve eaten what’s at home.

We cook a lot and we have a pretty well-stocked pantry.  This is largely because based on the volume of cooking we do, I want to be able to have nights where we change our plans and we still have all the ingredients we need on-hand.  We’re also at a point where based on what we typically cook, there’s a pretty standard set of things we need in the pantry in order to survive.

With that in mind, I don’t think that a purchasing freeze is quite right for us because my goal is not to empty our shelves.  But our pantry is not perfectly efficient and so last week, I went through all of our cabinets and both of our freezers and inventoried all of the things I felt that we had to eat for the sake of cleaning the place out.

I ended up with a pretty significant list.

I am of the belief that if we commit to eating our way through this list through the end of the year, we will end up slashing our grocery budget simply because these sides and main courses will take the place of other purchases we would have made.  Since I don’t totally know what to expect in terms of savings or what type of real difference this makes for us, I’ll try to share what I learn along the way.  I’ll note the meals that we make using our list of ingredients.  And at the end, once we know what the real budgetary impact was, I’ll share that as well!


One response to “Saving $$$: Emptying the Pantry

  1. I need to commit to cleaning out my pantry. I get pretty close, but ultimately fill back up.

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