Project Weekend

Marcus got home from all of his travel.  We had some ambitions for what we thought the weekend would look like.  And then there was just all of this…stuff that we had to do, because I have been in survival mode for the past few weekends.

I am still in some sort of low-grade denial about needing to call Bruce with the longer list of things we need someone else to do before we put our house on the market next year – swap out some light fixtures, re-hang the laundry room door, tackle some little issues with the baseboards that mostly involve nails.  But. BUT!  Being ever the industrious people we are (and having had a solid nine month break since we have attempted ANY home improvement) there was still stuff we could accomplish on our own.

Exhibit A: Power washing our deck.

How did it get this bad?  I don’t know, tbh. I think a lot of it had to do with our new roof and whatever slurry of grit and whatnot has been running off of these shiny shingles since…July?  Regardless, it is really sparky clean now.

Exhibit B: Coat Rack.

We should have gotten one of these at the same time that we got a shoe rack.  Instead, we didn’t and have been hauling coats around our house for years as a result.  No more.

Exhibit C: Rack for brooms and stuff.

I don’t even know what we call this but as part of my initiative to declutter and de-danger the laundry room (insomuch as it is possible) getting these things off the ground seemed like a wise idea.  Unlike the coat rack, I haven’t been sitting on this idea for seven years.  Back pat, slow clap.


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