Since 2013, I have been participating in 10Q.  Every year, before Rosh Hashanah, they send out your answers from the previous year.  One question, in particular, stood out.

Describe one thing you’d like to achieve by this time next year. Why is this important to you?

Next year, everything in my life will have changed. God willing, Little Critter will be here and Marcus and I will be parents. Being Critter’s parents (and the eventual parents of Critter’s brother or sister) will be the most important work we ever do.

At this point next year, I hope that whatever the first few months of parenting are like, by the time we reach September we are relaxed. Not terrified. In some sort of routine. Leaning into and enjoying the long days and seeing the forest instead of the trees.

There is so much sweet truth in this, friends.  Here we are.  At the beginning of October.  We are tired.  But we are in such a different place than we were in February.  Or March.  Or April.  Or May, even.  I did not recall writing this answer until I re-read it two days ago, but I wish I would have had it in March to show that version of my mama-self a little bit more grace.  So I could say see?  All of this is going to take time.  You knew it before you needed to.  Remember it now.  This is the most important work you will ever do.

This blog is one large, running log of recollections.  Notes from Past Kat to Future Kat, scrapbook-style vacation collages and meal plan repository.  But one week a year, it is nice to reflect on everything in the same way and it is really nice to be able to look back on how exactly I felt about something last year, and the year before that and so on.  If you’ve never participated in 10Q, I’d encourage you to do so.  You don’t have to be a writer.  You don’t have to save polished answers for your future self to read.  You just have to want to reflect.


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  1. awesome definitely participating!

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