I am thankful for…

…the end of solo parenting for the forseeable future.  Back to back long weekends was brutal.  Blog post forthcoming about survival.

…My family. Lifesavers, all of them.

…Netflix.  Having some at-home nights to myself gave me the chance to watch Tony Robbins: I am Not Your Guru and The First Monday in May.  If you ever watched The September Issue, then The First Monday in May is 100% up your alley.

I am dying for…

…A break.  After Marcus’ first weekend out of town, I got a plugged duct (I swear to God this is the last we will speak of that) and then the night before he left for his conference, I had some sort of terrible migraine/food poisoning episode that absolutely ruined the evening and left me feeling…completely worn out.

…Pizza. Like in a Need It To Fill A Pizza-Shaped Hole In My Soul. I also need a frosted cookie from Lunds. I am not really a comfort-eater so I just want to eat them for the sheer joy of it. That is all.

I am looking forward to..

…getting my hair cut.  A few weeks ago, I noticed that the ends were getting that frizzy, dried-out feel that signals it’s time for a chop.  Since my hair does not grow particularly fast (even with the aid of prenatal vitamins) that frizziness rather than any sort of length is how I gauge when it needs a refresh.  I’ve got my appointment scheduled and I am so excited for a little spa-cation.  Now to use the massage and pedicure gift cards that I have been hoarding.

…Some consistent weather!  We’re in that weird part of Minnesota fall where you could start the morning wearing a jacket and end it wearing a tank top some days. I’m lazy. I don’t want to wear more than one outfit in a day and frankly I do not have the time to change!  I’d rather just be cozy now.  Rip the bandaid off and all of that.

…Family time.  Marcus is home tonight, my brother comes home for the Ryder Cup this weekend.  I am glad that we will get to be all-together.  Maybe this is a little simple, but since Billy is in Texas it is always just the nicest to spend time together when he is in town.  I got a great brother.


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