Friday Food Round-Up!

Well.  Now you can see what I made while Marcus was out of town last weekend!
I’ve also got a new recipe for you, Auntie Kim’s Mexican Lasagna.  We’ve only made it twice now but it is so incredibly easy to make and it is phenomenally delicious.  I hope you’ll love it as much as we do!

Friday – Breakfast Spaghetti Pie from Farmhouse Rules

I actually made this on Thursday night so I have no idea why I didn’t throw this in last week’s round-up?  Probably because I made it with the intention of eating it Friday – Monday while Marcus was out of town.  I made it the night before he left so I wouldn’t have to worry about cooking once I was on my own.

Friday – Roasted Cauliflower, Feta and Orzo Salad from Cravings

This seemed like a sneaky, yet easy way to get my veggies in over the weekend.  Plus this salad makes…a ton of food so it is great to serve to a crowd or to feast on by yourself for a few days.

Sunday – Sweet Potato Oven Fries with Chili and Cheese

It is definitely sweet potato season, friends.  These filled my bucket.

Monday – Auntie Kim’s Mexican Lasagna

A few slices for meals for Marcus while I was out with girlfriends, a few slices for lunch leftovers, and a few slices for the freezer.

Wednesday – Stuffed Cabbage without the Roll from Farmhouse Rules

Seriously you guys.  Every single recipe I make from this cookbook is such a winner.  Some involve a bit of prep but I honestly think this one was probably 15 minutes of active prep/cooking.  It makes a TON of food and it is such a great vehicle for veggies.

Thursday –Mom’s Green Chili Enchiladas with Cilantro-Lime Rice and Black Beans

I feel like we make enchiladas fairly regularly (or at least we did before Critter), but The Blog says otherwise.  We’re going to have to remedy this.



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