It has apparently been several weeks since I have shared a Critter/Parenthood update. How y’all have survived without this riveting stuff, I do not know. 

  • We have finally started the baby-proofing process.  I started putting outlet covers everywhere on our main floor.  Marcus fitted the baby gate to our staircase.  I cleaned up the laundry room so that chemicals are off the floor, and everything else is getting re-homed in closets, the garage, etc. Next stop: cabinet locks!
  • The second fang has arrived.  It is right next to first fang, bottom center.
  • Critter has finally rolled from back to front!  At last!
  • I’ve assembled the pack n’ play so that it has a permanent residence in our living room as a baby corral.  If anyone has better baby corral suggestions, I am all ears.  Once we can move some of his more space-consumptive toys out (jumper, playmat, bouncer) a portable/more easily collapsible pen will be a much better option. 
  • Only 4.5 months left of nursing/pumping. Max. 
  • I survived a long weekend of solo parenting last weekend!  We have one more this fall and after that I’ll write a blog post about how we did it. 
  • Critter had his first spontaneous fever last weekend for 36 hours and it was just tragic. And exhausting for both of us. 
  • I got a plugged duct on Tuesday!  I was (1) reminded why I swore to God I would wean if I got mastitis again and (2) really the only thing that separates these two afflictions is the presence of a fever. It will now either resolve itself or escalate. God willing, it resolves.
  • ECFE starts tomorrow. Katie and I are ready to get the boys out of the house and playing with other pups and to hustle up more mama friends!

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