I am thankful for…

…the orange spots on my yoga pants that turned out to be pureed pumpkin and NOT poops!  But seriously omg the horror of it all. 

…coffee. So much hazelnut coffee. 

…morning walks with Critter. Even on the days he hates everything else he delights in those. 

…a baby who wants to nap on me. I know the day is coming where it will be gone forever. 

…playdates with Katie and Baby G.  We needed to see friends today!

I am looking forward to…

…the end of Mercury Retrograde. Only one more week!

…Girls’ night!  I’m bringing the wine because that is my bandwidth right now. 

…Watching that new Center Stage movie-thing that was on Lifetime?  Bravo?  It doesn’t matter, it’s on my DVR and ready for the weekend. 

I’m dying for…

…more sleep. Because we’re still living through the regression/teething/God knows what and it is ROUGH. 

…cooler temps.  Or hotter ones!  We’re in that weird transitional fall-state where it is possible to wear pants and a sweater in the AM and shorts and a tank in the PM. I would prefer to wear one outfit only. 

…Sleeptacocation.  Only five more weeks. Not that I’m counting. 


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