Baby-Free Zone

Happy Sunday, party people!

Yesterday, I re-did my DIY pedi and then in a fit of whimsy I painted my mitts for the first time in honestly, probably two years.  It used to be an every week-activity, and then I think I just got tired of my nails peeling and whatnot because at the end of the day, nail polish is not exactly the kindest thing you can do to your mitts.

Anyway, behold.

I have no idea what is even “cool” these days when it comes to nails, but I gave it my best shot and they make me happy.  If someone could clue me in on what is “in” with nail trends, that would be super since I am pretty sure my world stopped when the party nail came into being.

Yesterday we went to celebrate the marriage of one of Marcus’ fraternity brothers.

So basically it was a date night. But with friends.  We had a blast.  They had a delicious wedding cake.  And when I got home I had to pour myself into bed.  Even though I left the reception at 9:00 PM.  Party animal.  Right here.

From the department of Recipes I Never Meant To Develop, I took a few minutes to write out this one for a Lazy Turtle Cake.  I actioned it for a co-worker’s birthday treats and was pretty pleased with the result.


If you are a fan of turtle-flavored things, you’ll love this one.  I’ve had such a need to bake for the past month or two and actually doing it is so, so, low on the totem pole.  I’ve made many brownies (and during my maternity leave there was a period in time where I was whipping up blondies!) but other than that and the above-cake, the only baking I’ve done was a batch of box-mix white cupcakes with a scratch cream cheese frosting.  I hope I get to do it a little bit more this fall/winter, but I also need places to take all of those treats, because it’s not like I can just eat them all.  I mean, I could, but, you know.

What else is new?  Even though when Critter came, I was thoroughly convinced we would never ever have the time or the energy to travel again (ever!), this fall I am traveling!

I have scheduled what I am calling a Sleep-Tacocation to Dallas at the end of October. I’m going to see my brother, sleep, eat  what will most likely be tacos, hopefully have some girl time with an old friend, and maybe go see that place that JFK was assassinated.

In that same vein, we are headed to NYC in November sans-tot for a wedding (and a baby free weekend!). Again, plans: sleep, marry some people off, see friends.

Basically, at this point, I will do anything for sleep.

Finally, I am still watching amounts of television that would have been borderline impossible in my previous child-free life.  I’ve been slowly but surely working my way through the latest season of UnREAL and y’all, it is so dark!  I loved the first season but every episode this season, I have to ask myself if I can go on.  Other things lurking on my DVR include Bachelor in Paradise which I will someday watch, and Center Stage: On Pointe.  I’m saving that one for a night when I have the time to watch an entire movie in one go.  It’s gonna be magic.  When I’m watching TV on the iPad, I’ve been alternating between Bring It! and Counting On.  I also discovered that there are more episodes of Bringing Up Bates to be watched so those are going to be added to the rotation as well.  I hope as you read this rundown of Extremely Intellectual T.V. Shows, you think Wow, Kat must have a really rich inner life.

Believe me. It’s true.

P.S. I really suck at snapchat (I only receive snaps, I never send!) but I am not bad at the new Insta stories. If you’re not following me already, you can find me @kljwm!


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