The End of the Baby Days of Summer

We have a seven month old baby now and that is so wild to me.  The longest-fastest year continues to stretch on and yet now the first birthday is like some sort of finish line that is plausible.  He will turn one.  Not yet.  But the day is closer than farther away.  For those of you who are wondering if we will be big birthday people or small birthday people, the answer is small.  Very small.

As we continue to walk through these baby days, even on the difficult days, I really work to be thankful that I can be home to experience those.  It can be so easy to take a current situation for granted and I am still so lucky (really) that some days I get to be an adult at work and that on the others, I get to just be Mama.

  • In the same way that Critter is becoming an Adult Baby, I tried becoming an Adult Mama this week and nursed him wearing a normal shirt one day (over a nursing cami)  instead of this cami-only or yoga top/nursing bra situation that I’ve had going on since he was born.  I felt like I was dressed like an adult and that was great.  Plus, now that summer is wrapping up, I do need to be clothed appropriately for fall and the winter that will surely follow.
  • I’m trying to find something that Marcus and Critter can do on Fridays together that is tot-friendly.  I think this is partially complicated by the fact that Critter is small, the least-popular weekday for tot activities is Friday, and Marcus is…a man.  So far we have Baby Storytime at the Maple Grove library.  I took a look at “The Little Gym” but I don’t really think that is an option until Critter can walk somewhat competently. It seems a little expensive, but it’s also a chance for them to have boy time, so our budget would survive.
  • The teething/sleep regression/who knows/who cares saga continues.
  • When we were trying out scrambled eggs for the first time on Thursday (he loved them!), I feel like he had a Eureka moment with food and feeding himself and the actual joy of eating.  It was sort of like watching a baby steam shovel where 1/2 of the food ended up in his mouth and 1/2 ended up in the high chair seat/on the floor.
  • I cannot remember if I have shared this little tidbit of cute on the blog yet, but in the last month, Critter has started to give kisses and it just slays us every time.  He grabs your face with his hands (and mouth wide open!) and just…like basically he licks your face.  But it is kisses.  And it is just the sweetest thing.  Sort of like the day that I saw him smiling to himself (without entertainment!) and realized he knew how to be happy on his own, it is just the best that now he can express affection on his own too.
  • In the last week I’ve had discussions with two friends about working out.  Namely they have asked, where do I fit it in?  The real answer is that I do not.  Critter and I go on walks each day that I am home.  That is as much for my sanity (leaving the house!) as it is for him.  In the early evening we go on family walks.  This is because it gives Marcus and I some time to talk, and it’s an activity that Critter will tolerate in the evening (as you know, the tots can get fussy).  On the days that I’m home, I try to do my 20 minute yoga practice during a naptime.  Some days I am far too tired for that and I nap too.  Every few weeks I go to a yoga class, which is as much about being completely alone and clearing my mind as it is about the actual yoga.  I do miss running quite a bit, but at this point, it’s really not something that I have the physical energy or space for in my life right now.  It’s disappointing in the sense that I truly love running, but I know that when the time is right (be it in a few months or after a Second Critter) I will be able to start again.
  • TL;DR Most of my “exercise” takes place with Critter and I don’t have any sort of plan right now.  Someday I will but that might be in like…two years.  It’s okay.
  • Related: We live very near our city’s sports dome, so I need to research what their public walking hours are so that we can take advantage of that once it becomes really too cold to be walking outdoors on the regular.

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