Friday Food Round-Up!

As I look at my round-ups, it occurs to me that we have a lot of guests for meals in our house these days.  It’s wonderful because we cannot get out as much as we would have in our past lives, but we’re still able to see the people we care about.  Related: once again, we cooked a lot.

Since it’s now September and it’s crisp in the mornings (and in the evenings too), we’ll start to shift our menus.  Living off the land (or Gregor Farm) for the last month or so has been really really lovely but it is time to change things up.  There are some cozy favorites we have been missing over the summer (or possibly longer if I couldn’t manage to cook them in the months immediately after Critter was born) and I’m looking forward to putting those on our meal plasn.

Friday – Grilled Beef Bool Kogi from Trader Joe’s, Pea Pods, Sweet and Salty Coconut Rice from Cravings

Mom was out of town on business so we had Dad over for dinner and ironically ended up making the exact same meal we had the LAST time he was over for dinner. I guess it’s good that he liked it?

Saturday – Corn, Cheddar, and Scallion Strata

Our friend Mike was in town for a wedding and he was able to stop by our house to visit (and see Critter!) over brunch.  He was in charge of sprinkle donuts and I was in charge of…the other dish.  I have this habit of making brand new dishes for people when they come over because my middle name is adventure.  HOLY GOD YOU GUYS THIS STRATA WAS SO GOOD.  I will be making it forever.

Sunday – Garden Pie, Sweet Potato Oven Fries

Some things to note.  This was my self-cooked birthday dinner and this was what we had the bandwidth for on Sunday.  I made a second garden pie and threw it in the freezer so I’d have something to be able to share with a mama friend in need.  I served this on the china I received for my birthday.  And then, because it is dishwasher safe (what?) I decided to keep two dinner plates in the house so that we can enjoy a “fancy” meal each week.  Why not?  Life is too short.

Monday – Trader Joe’s Garlic Chicken Sausages, Corn on the Cob, Green Beans, Oven Fries

Seriously.  This is probably the last week for this dinner but it has been a good run.

Tuesday – Grilled Chicken Thighs with 4-3-2-1 Spice RubDijon PotatoesFavorite Three Bean Salad, Corn on the Cob

I didn’t realize I had zero pictures of this meal until I was writing this post!

I pretty much made this meal on my own because Marcus ended up having to take my car to the shop to get the tire repaired (it was flat!  there was a screw!) and I am proud of that.  I strapped Critter in his high chair and gave him some tupperware to gnaw while I trimmed the green beans and then as things got serious and I had to make the dressing for the salad and whatnot, he enjoyed his own feast of puffs.

Wednesday – Caesar Salad

This is part of my new pledge to eat a salad at least once a week.  This is mainly motivated by the fact that last week I ate a salad for the first time in God knows how long and my body tried to purge itself and I realized I should probably get on…literally any wagon.

Miscellaneous – Earth Cookies


And, again.


2 responses to “Friday Food Round-Up!

  1. You post that garden pie so often and your suggestion to freeze and feed a mama friend in need has given me an idea to make this for my nearly-vegetarian mama friend with an 8-year-old and newborn. Sounds right up her alley. Thank you!

    • I am sure it will be a blessing to that family, Carrie! Plus it truly comes together so quickly so you’re not slaving.

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