September Goals

Great news, y’all.  It’s the beginning of the month and I have actually taken the time to write out my goals!  On time!

Some of these goals are repeat items from last month.  They seem sort of obvious (go to yoga class, plan friend dates, eat well) but they’re things where if I don’t make a conscious effort, they just don’t happen.  We fall into the “busy” (or tired!) trap.

I know with the house projects, they’re going to take longer than this month to accomplish so we need to start now so that they actually get done.  Otherwise it will be December and we will wonder where the time has gone.

Finally, Critter and I are starting ECFE on Thursdays through our school district at the end of the month.  I have probably too high of hopes for this one, but I think most of them center around the idea that the other mamas in the class are cool and maybe we’ll make some friends out of the deal.


3 responses to “September Goals

  1. Do you have a live well ink planner? I’m looking for a sturdy planner but am a little overwhelemd that those ones come with 6 videos to help you set up? Ha ha I don’t think I’m that busy/dedicated to organization

    • I did and ended up switching in July to a Whitney English for Target. I needed something smaller, since with a 7 month old there is not that much extra space in our life! I would say Erin Condren is the sturdiest hands down.

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