Fang Watch 2016 Is Ended

So that whole Is it a growth spurt?  Is it a sleep regression?  Is it a teething?thing?  I am fairly certain we are now on week three of it and at this point I can declare the following:

  • We are exhausted (we have now had 18 days of dysfunctional sleep)
  • It IS a fang
  • He is The Worst Teether That Has Ever Teethed

I wish I could say I was surprised about the third point but I just knew he was going to suck at it.  Anyway, The First Fang is not completely out, but I can definitely feel the razor-sharp edge of it and GOD WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE.

I would also like to take this moment to say that solid food poops are personally offensive to me. Literally the worst ever. So sinister. In all ways.

He’s not quite crawling, so I’ve not quite baby-proofed, but now that the little lad is 7 months old, it’s safe to say we have entered the teenager phase of babyhood and everything from here on out will be a goodbye to our little baby and a hello to someone who is trying VERY hard to become a toddler.  Excuse me while I go weep about this development.

Over the weekend we had a bit of pre-bedtime playtime where the three of us were all in the big bed and Critter was sitting up, clearly thrilled to have the entirety of our attentions while we did our best to be entertaining (with some backup support from Ceiling Fan).  It was the sort of family moment that is still fleeting but at the end of the day, Marcus and I both said that it was our favorite part.  We know that as Critter gets older, these times together will only continue to increase, but for now it was so sweet and so precious.


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