Summer, sleep, and stuff.

You guys.  Summer is almost over.  I don’t know if the light has shifted, or what has happened, but suddenly I have got that fall sort of feeling (and just a phenomenal craving to eat sweet potatoes).  Regardless, I along with all other Minnesotans will be staying strong on my commitment to summer until Labor Day at which point I will reconsider.  Fall is just lovely, but Marcus and I are already terrified of winter (and discuss this with frequency) because we cannot imagine what we’re supposed to do with Critter if we are cooped up inside all day!  What will become of our walks?  What will happen to the time we spend laying in the grass, looking at the trees?  What about Toys On The Deck Time?

  • On the tip of CriminelleLaw, I ended up sourcing two pairs of UGGs via for winter.  It seemed sort of extravagant until I remembered I have been debating wintertime slip-on footwear for a few weeks now, as getting out the door with Critter needs to be as simple as possible. I also remembered I live in Minnesota and I haven’t bought new winter boots in probably six years. Related: I need to get my tall UGGs cleaned.
  • We are going through some sort of sleep regression/growth spurt/teething thing (hard to even know) and it is a bit…difficult for sleeping. God willing a fang appears or it ends soon.
  • About a week and a half ago, I went in to get seen for PPA/PPD. This isn’t something that has been going on for “a long time” but after a difficult 36 hours of Not Feeling Like Me, I felt like telling someone was the right next step. The doctor told me that mostly what I was feeling was normal (I would like to be excluded from this narrative), but they also gave me a counseling referral (I scheduled an appointment) and a prescription “in case” I need it and if it turns out I need it often, instructions to return to sort out a regular medication. And I rented an eBook specific to my experiences so I could learn more about what was happening to me, why, and how I will move forward.  I have experienced anxiety in my life and just knowing I need to dust off coping skills that have not seen the light of day in YEARS has been immensely helpful. I’ve also taken the time to see what more I can do to take care of myself.  A lot of it comes down to physical and mental rest.  Also, fellow mamas, if this is you, it is okay to tell someone and get help.  You are a great mama and you are NOT alone.
  • I fully realize that with my previous revelation, there are probably a number of you, who are my close friends in real life who are only just hearing about this for the first time.  I wasn’t trying to not tell you in person or via text or whatever, I honest-to-God just did not have the emotional energy to do it.
  • Today Critter and I baked brownies for Marcus to take to work tomorrow.  I strapped the little lad into his booster seat-high chair and then proceeded to mix up the batter in front of him, while he “cooked” with his own rubber spatula and tiny tupperware cup.  He was supremely interested in what I was stirring when I brought it down to his level.  I have a few other baking projects (nothing glamorous) coming up in the next week or so  – it will be fun to continue doing this with him!
  • In case you missed it, ALDI now has a baby brand – Little Journeys.  They’re selling diapers, wipes, formula, and baby food (pouches, puffs, cereal, etc.).  I know that you all know what a development this has been in our house.  Last weekend they had a special on baby gates so we high tailed it over there to source one for $29.99.  We then returned the $60 version to Target.  What a time to be alive.

5 responses to “Summer, sleep, and stuff.

  1. With Chester I had PPD and with Ave I had PPA. My husband was a great support and basically forced me to see a doctor. I too was prescribed meds if needed and also went to talk to someone. For me, just talking out my feelings was so extremely helpful. I never had to take the meds, but was thankful that they were there if needed. The first year of motherhood is so incredibly wonderful, but hot damn, it is so HARD. And for me, I was mourning so much! My freedom, sleep, independence. It takes a while to settle into the new normal and have your hormones even out. I had a love-hate relationship with breastfeeding/pumping, and for me when I closed that chapter I felt better mentally. Anyways, you are so on the money with seeking help. It may take time, but you will find your groove…whether it be getting your old groove back or a new, awesome groove:-)
    As for winter, yes, it is coming….ughhhh. Luckily Critter is on the cusp of a very fun stage! The world is starting to open up to him so even though walks may be out of the picture, there will be lots of new things to do. We signed Chet up for swimming class at a local gym at about eight months. And blocks and books and kitchen pots and pans are about to come all the rage with the little guy! Loved that stage!

    • AMANDA. Truly, thank you so much for sharing your experiences with me here. Hearing from other mamas about their struggles has made me feel less alone and I feel like that is yet another important component in all of this. Keep sharing all of those darling snaps of your life and your boys and take care, sweet friend. I am so glad the internet has brought us together.

  2. I announced to Matt that the light had shifted and he had no idea what I was talking about!!! I wish counseling didn’t cost money bc I’m one of those people who believes everyone should have a therapist. I hope you feel like yourself again soon!

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