About A Critter

As always, there’s more to say about suburban life with The Boy King. 

  • Separation anxiety has struck. I’m glad that like, our son recognizes us and misses us when we are away, but now each time we step away when he is playing?  Tears. 
  • Solid food update: did not know what to do with sweet potatoes, did not mind carrots, liked avocado, liked banana, despised peas.  Thought puffs were invigorating. 
  • I’m still exclusively breastfeeding him. Pretty much because it is still working. It’s crazy to think at this point that we’re officially on a six month countdown to Year One and weaning!
  • At Critter’s six month appointment he was 30″ (100%), 20 lbs 2 oz (89%), and his head was 17.91″ (95%). So our adult baby is still…adult sized. 
  • Playing has gotten to be more and more and more fun. We’ve started stopping on our daily morning walks to lay in the grass, swing at the park, and sometimes stick our toes in the sandbox!
  • Unswaddling Critter’s arms has been a great success. The first night was rough (he woke up four times in one hour!) but after that, smooth sailing. THANK GOD. 
  • Playing with blocks has been such fun. This Eric Carle set that we registered for have been perfect for him at this stage because they’re light enough for him to pick up.  They also have an open side which means they stack inversely so they are quite compact when you put them away. 
  • Carseat update: Critter seems to like the Evenflo Sureride/Titan 65 reasonably well so we’re going to order a second for my in-laws. Really cannot complain about that less than $100 price tag (thank you, WalMart!). 
  • In that same vein, since we no longer have a “travel system” we ordered the Summer Infant 3D Lite stroller as our car stroller/umbrella stroller. It was $69 including tax. There were many nicer choices but since we already have a BOB Revolution I didn’t feel we needed to spend to excess on this and $69 already felt pricey. 
  • I have some solo-parenting stints coming up while Marcus travels for business and pleasure. Pray for us. 

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