Critter Updates

Hello, hello.  After we got home from the cabin, I was rewarded for my caretaking efforts with Critter’s first string of giggles.  I nearly died of the cuteness and then, Marcus got home and I was ready to collapse from exhaustion.  I would like to say that I spent most of the weekend in a state of sloth (I am pretty sure I am still recovering), but mostly that struck after Critter went to bed.  We did, however, enjoy the glory of an all-family nap on Saturday afternoon.  Our biggest regret being that it did not last longer than 40-ish minutes.

  • Critter is in the process of dropping to 2 naps/day (he’ll only take a third if the second nap is a crappy car nap) and stretching his awake time to 3 hours at a time. This has been great and hard. Great because 3 hours is enough to do something. Hard because his mind and body are not quite in perfect agreement about this yet.
  • Because things were going too well, we’ve freed Critter’s arms from the SwaddleMe Up. Please just…pray for us as he figures out what he is supposed to do with his newly liberated arms when he sleeps.  The first night wasn’t a total disaster but it also wasn’t the best sleep he ever had. 
  • Critter tried his first solid food on Friday!  Because we are trying so so so hard to be the world’s laziest granola parents, we are going the baby-lead weaning route.  We boiled up some sweet potato sticks, threw them onto the high chair and let Critter have at.  Honestly, he was more fascinated by sitting in the high chair and mashing the sweet potato on the tray than he was with actually consuming the food.  I will also note that at this point I think he has eaten more of his book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, than he has actual food.  Um, not that he has consumed much of the book, but it has become his favorite chew toy (OMG World’s Most Okayest Mom Alert).  Next foods up on the list: avocado, carrots, banana.  And because we are not fools (this is Exhibit B to being cloth diapering parents who always carry some disposables), I also have a container of puffs and some other containers of pureed prunes.
  • Critter and I went to baby-wearing barre class at the Yoga Mat Sanctuary and that was actually my first time ever going to a barre class.  It was a hoot.  I’ll probably go to more, but the only classes I can make are on the weekends so it will be more of a treat.
  • Thanks to our time at the cabin, I was able to pump another 30 oz for our freezer stash.  That was a wonderful blessing since I pretty much never pump the same amount he eats during the day and have been counting on the pumping I do on my days off and weekends to make up the difference.
  • We ordered Critter’s big boy car seat. We ordered the Evenflo Sureride/Titan 65.  It was the #3 Consumer Reports rated car seat and it was less than $100 (in comparison to the #1 Chicco Nexfit and the #2 Britax Marathon).  Our plan is that if he likes this one, then we’ll order another for Baube and Zayde and if he is only of mixed feelings and comfort, then we’ll just give this one to Baube and Zayde (since it will not be his full-time car seat) and source a different one that is more to his liking for my car.

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