Coming Home


So.  Let’s discuss the rest of the cabin week.  We came home on Thursday morning because a real rager of a storm rolled though just after midnight and took out our power, a tree in our backyard (that blocked off the road), a power line (c/o said tree) and so then we didn’t have running water and we didn’t have air conditioning and it was supposed to be 90 degrees that day.  With an infant.  No bueno.


This was after the fire department stopped by to clear the road for us.


Our neighbors.  Less lucky.

In addition to this, on Wednesday morning, I discovered that because our yard was one of the few dry ones in the area, the local ants had decided to colonize the entire thing.  One such ant lair was large enough to see from the deck and looked like something out of Nat Geo.


Generally I am an ant pacifist, but it was all too much.  Destruction rained from the sky upon these ants as well as all of the others in the yard so that we could actually…have a yard.

While there wasn’t a great deal of downtime while we were up there because Critter is still a crappy napper and I was all baby-tending, all the time, I did get to fish once, off of our flooded dock and the back of the pontoon.  On one of my last casts, I finally caught a Northern.  When I walked up to the cabin to tell Mom and Dad about it, Mom expressed surprise that I hadn’t captured a photo of it.  I reminded her that for my entire life up until 2011 or so, 99% of the fish I had ever caught were not also captured on film and they still existed too.  Even as I was casting and picking weeds off of my line and casting again, it was just nice to even be doing it.


And as a grand finale to the entire ordeal, when we got home, I discovered that the bite I had thought was a deer fly bite was actually developing a small bullseye around it.  Even though I had never seen a tick, part of Tick Bites 101 is that if you see a bullseye bug bite, you should go to the doctor pronto.  In order to get Lyme’s Disease via tick bite, you have to be bitten by an infected Deer Tick and it has to roll with you for 24-36 hours.  With that in mind, you can take antibiotics prophylactically within 72 hours of the bite and that should keep you on the healthy list. I did just that when we got home (it’s literally one dose) so what a grand and splendid way to wrap up our time in the Great North. 


One response to “Coming Home

  1. Oh my. Here’s to a better week ahead!

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