Lake Baby

We are Up North at the Cabin. Or at least, Critter and I are. With my parents. Marcus is in the cities working this week and living the free life of a bachelor. The man has assembled a social schedule for this time that would have put even his past, childless self to shame. 

  • I can type this without hexing it now (because he woke up last night) but on Saturday and Sunday night he slept from 7:00 PM – 5:30/6:00 AM and it was just so magical. On Saturday morning, I woke up on my own. Amazing. I think that it was probably penance for the fact that he woke up four times on Friday night. Yikes. 
  • As you can see from the snap above, the little tyke is getting MUCH better at sitting up. Even in the past few days, the difference has been profound.
  • We took Critter swimming for the second and third times and once he figured out splashing (and the fact he could try to drink the lake water – gross!) it was a hoot. 
  • I brought my yoga mat up and I am so glad I did. It gives me the chance to keep my “normal” home routine (morning yoga practice during first nap!). I get to practice outdoors instead of in (even though I try to go on our deck every chance I get in the summer!), and it is just so nice, really. 
  • There is some crazy flooding up here.  Our yard is generally fine (see above), but our neighbor’s (see below) is legit under water and I have been watching the sunfish swim in and out from beneath his shed. 
  • We had a wilderness visitor this morning. I heard scratching at the door as I changed Critter’s diaper. I thought my Dad was moving the grill. We peeked through the blinds to surprise him and saw A SKUNK.  My first time ever seeing a live one. 
  • A nice sunset. Behold. 
  • The library really came through for me before we left and four eBooks I had been waiting for became available so I have some absolutely great reading to do. 
  • Not cabin-related at all, but I ditched our original diaper bag in favor of a North Face Borealis Backpack.  I was going back and forth on this before Critter was born and as we all know we chose a traditional diaper bag. It was cute but too small for cloth diapers. Even more important, as we transition Critter into a bigger carseat (and carrying him in-arms everywhere!) I thought this would really be the least-distracting way to get him and his many possessions contained and to and fro. 

One response to “Lake Baby

  1. Great fun to see Critter swim and play! And to see your parents interact with him too. What a sweetie!

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