Y’all.  I feel like it has been a long time since I have assembled an update on the state of Critter, parenthood and the like.  In reality, it has been about two weeks.  I don’t know how we managed to survive. 😉  This week is a “normal” week for all of us, and then on Saturday, Critter and I will head Up North with my parents for family cabin week.  Since Marcus is staying in the cities so he can work, I am sure that it will be a ton of work.  BUT, I am excited for Critter to be able to spend the week outside since the cabin has a large yard, and we really don’t.

  • Today we ran errands via stroller!  We walked to the post office for stamps, and the library to return/check out books!  I have taken Critter to the library before but it was a side-trip in the car when I was on an iced coffee/sugar cookie run.  This is something we can do right now because we live so close to these places, so I am taking full advantage of it.
  • I finally made it to Once Upon A Child where I sourced a few things for Critter. And then when I stopped by the Babies R Us next door to pick up a gift, I discovered that there was a 40% Carters sale so between that and the gift card we had, we now have 90% of the clothing we need for an 18 month old (still searching for footie pjs!) and 60% of the clothing we need for a 24 month old (still searching for footie pjs!).
  • Critter discovered his feet over the July 4th weekend and that just adds another layer of hilarity into what is his already-interesting life.
  • On the note of feet discovery, Critter is getting better at sitting.  He’s not sitting unassisted yet, but we’re getting much closer.  This is a really exciting development because since he is SO big for his age, he has pretty much outgrown his bouncer and his play gym, and we need for him to have another way to play that will replace those things!
  • Fang Watch 2016 has been activated and will be continued until the first fang is spotted, or 2016 comes to an end.  Whichever happens first.
  • Life-wise, even though we are going Up North again next week, it is so nice to be back into our normal schedule.  Critter and I haven’t had an alone day in the last week and a half.  I haven’t had the time to workout as much as I would like (even though this is like a 40 min walk and 20 minutes of deck yoga on the days I am home, and a 30-40 min walk on the days I work) and my body seems to be in some sort of revolt.  I finally have time to move past guerilla warfare-style cleaning and into a normal-ish cleaning routine (and tackling stuff I rarely do, like dust).  It is good to have all of these things back.  Now all I have to do is keep on crossing things off of the to do list.

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