The 4th Up North

Wow guys.  That was a LONG weekend.  When we departed on Friday afternoon, we weren’t sure if we would be leaving on Monday morning or on Tuesday (we both had Tuesday off).  Since the weather was SO lovely and we were all having SUCH fun, even though it probably would have been nice to sleep in our own beds, we made the call to stay.

All of our cabin trips this year have been successful so far.  BUT.  This is the first one where I felt like we were all truly having fun.  Together. Critter was into all of it.  The outdoors.  The water.  The people.  Critter went for his first swim.  And his first boat ride.  And his second swim.  And his second boat ride.

We took him into town to eat at the BBQ pop-up.  And for ice cream (us, not him).  And down to The Wharf for drinks and snacks and boat-watching.

 Since everything in town is so close to the cabin (5-10 minute drive, max) it was easy for us to go on outings that were interesting.  AKA not in a suburban strip mall.

Billy and I got totally skunked fishing.

But during the Big Pine Lake annual fishing tournament, Uncle Doug and Cousin Chris both hauled in some Northerns.

Cousin David did too, but we totally failed at capturing his accomplishment on film.

And all of the sunsets were great.

Critter, my parents, and I will be headed up next weekend for a full week of cabin time.  With a husband who will still be down in the cities working, I am sure it will be quite a bit more work, but I am excited to spend more time at my favorite place with my favorite little one.


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