Month Five.

Critter is five months old now.  I don’t even know what to follow that with.  How can it be?  Where did the time go?  Time, slow down?

He is now a full-out boy baby, with tiny opinions we cannot even begin to parse, smiles for everyone and everything, and hands that my mother has compared to a Venus Fly Trap.  They sweep across his field of vision, gather all of the things that are near, and then bring the things to his mouth.  It’s quite the system.

He recognizes all of the songs that we sing.  We read to him and he reads to us chews on his book in response.  He remembers the toys that we play with.  He has turned Tummy Time into Roll Over Time.  He has graduated from riding in the car seat attachment on the BOB to riding upright in the stroller harness like an adult baby.

His epic fascination with leaves continues.  I don’t think that I look at anything with the amount of awe and reverence the way he does the leaves on the trees and the high branches.

Our little family finally has a real routine of sorts.  It is 100% driven by The Boy King, but it is ours!  We know how to do it!  And we’re actually sort of good at it.  We’re more relaxed parents because we’re more rested parents.

We could not love him more.


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