Reverb 16| June | Summer Lovin’

Sarah and Kim have been sharing Reverb prompts and frankly, Meredith and I are making an effort to type blog posts again because we need a kick in the pants.

Summer Lovin’: What do you love about the summer? Do you switch up your routine? What does summer mean to you?

My summers have been about splashing.  Yes, I have the odd memory of bike rides or playing in the backyard, but from the time I was tiny, I have been in the water.  I have a swimming mother so Billy and I had to become swimmers too.

Summers at the cabin, swimming in Big Pine Lake.

End-of-summer trips to the Wisconsin Dells for 96 hours of chlorinated relaxation.

Weekly trips to Lake Independence to swim and splash with friends.

Trips to Lifetime to ride down the waterslide and bob about in a quite-overcrowded pool.

Summers spent lifeguarding on Lake Charlotte.

Canoeing.  Fishing.  Some really bad water skiing.  Kiddie pools. Sprinklers. Slip and slides.  

This is just what we did.  In the water. Out of the water. In the water again.  Days and weeks spent in swimsuits. 

While Critter is far too young to have any sort of real pool adventures, this is just one of the many things that I look forward to doing with him when he is a bit bigger.  It will be the best fun.


2 responses to “Reverb 16| June | Summer Lovin’

  1. Pierced Wonderings

    Summer was about the water for me too. I’d wait for the first trip to Great Grandma’s to cut her grass because I knew that Grandpa would take us to the creek afterwards. It was a spring-fed creek in southwest MO, and it stayed FREEZING the entire time. We were in the water or at Table Rock Lake or Lake Taneycomo or the James River. or in the community pool. Or at Wet Willies. And after I moved to NV, I was in the freezing waters of the Truckee River or Lake Tahoe or one of the reservoirs. It’s sad that I now live about half a mile from the beach and it seems we never get there. We used to – every Saturday & Sunday afternoon with a cooler & some tunes. Last summer, though, and already this summer, the water temps have been so high that there are dangerous levels of bacteria in the Sound so we stay home and dream of a swimming pool.

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