It’s a Restart-Sort of Sunday

Holy cow, people.  Happy Sunday.  I just wrapped up a girls weekend with the OKMH Crew (Mads, Allison, Jeanne, Kirsten, and Beka Megan was on a photography retreat!) and it was just splendid.  There were some tiring times trying to wrangle Critter and be present for guests all at once but truly I am so lucky to have the friendship of these women.  While we picnicked at the beach, Critter got to dig his little toes in the sand for the first time. He loved it.  We took down about 12 pounds of pork products and ate…a lot of carbs. It was really wonderful.

And after I had made my airport run, I did some yoga, drank some green juice, and signed up for BYOB yoga and a class for me because I need to get my head back in that game.  It’s time to be an adult again.  😉  We’ll go up to the cabin next weekend so there is only so much time for rest, but I’ll take what I can get.

  • Someone in a Facebook mom group I am a part of shared this PDF of a condensed MetaFilter about emotional labor and OMG it is so interesting.  I am lucky in that my husband and the men in my immediate family are engaged in emotional labor but this still gave me a lot to think about and a much better vocabulary for some of the things that all women experience.
  • Marcus is going on a number of trips between August – October and for the last month I have been arranging for some support and oh my GOD it takes such a village to raise babies.
  • I got another mole chopped out of my back on Tuesday.  It was my three month follow-up appointment and she was like, Yeah that one has gotta go.  Consider this your personal reminder from me to WEAR SUNSCREEN, STOP USING TANNING BEDS (GOD SERIOUSLY), AND GET YOUR SKIN CHECKED IF YOU NEVER HAVE.  Thankfully this one was benign so that was a relief.
  • On a more upbeat note, I registered to be a bone marrow donor.  I’ve been meaning to sign up for a few months now and after Kate posted an instagram about being matched for a second time, I knew I really needed to get on this.  Am I super keen on the idea of having my marrow harvested?  It gives me the creeps TBH.  But I know that if someone in my family needed marrow, I would give anything for them to have a match, so I’m happy to take a shot at being someone else’s.

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