Stuff That Has Been Useful

When we were registering for baby stuff, it was low-grade extremely overwhelming to figure out what we were/were not supposed to buy, what we would actually need, and what we would end up liking.  I didn’t want to end up in the same situation we were in after our wedding where we had approximately 64 glasses (highball!  lowball!  wine! pilsner!  juice!) to store away in our garage because who has the cupboard space for those anyway. Anyway, here is some stuff that Marcus and I think has really made our lives easier over the last four months.  If I was a better blogger, I’d include staged pictures of all of this stuff, but frankly I just do not have the energy.  This is the best I could do. 

Baby Cocoons

Basically, all babies need to be swaddled to sleep or as my brother and his friends dubbed it, Cocoon Sleeping.

Things that make good cocoons: Aden + Anais Blankets, the HALO sleepsack, the Woombie, and the SwaddleMe Up.  Or, as my girl Christine says, I have so many different sleeping things, it’s insane.

For the first month of his life, Critter slept in a swaddle blanket by Aden + Anais.  I will say we have the $50 ones and we have the For Target ones.  Both are great, but once your baby gets longer/taller, the For Target ones will not cut it because they are smaller.

The one with the stars is For Target. The one with the stripes is the main label. 

During weeks 4-8, we transitioned to a swaddle blanket during the day and a HALO sleepsack at night.  At month 2 or so, we moved to a Woombie at night because he was breaking out of the sleep sack, and at 4 months we moved to the SwaddleMe Up.  Baby cocoons.  All you do is drop the dollar bills buying them!

We borrowed the sleep sacks from Mads so here we have the Woombie, the SwaddleMe Up and the SwaddleMe Up 50/50. 

The transition to the SwaddleMe Up coincided with sleep training and the fact that he was consistently trying to weasel his hands up through the neck hole of his Woombie.  If he was a little bit more trustworthy with his hands, he could have full rein with them, but they still wander across his face when he sleeps and Wake Him Up.  Worst, Least Trustworthy Hands Ever.   What’s nice about the SwaddleMe Up is that you can unzip the wings.  Once he’s ready for full-on hands, we can transition him into a sleep sack without introducing ANOTHER sleep thing.

On the Go

When we registered for strollers and whatnot, I registered for a really nice jogging stroller because even if we never actually use it for jogging, it will be great for family walks (and it already has been!).  So when we were assembling said stroller in December, it dawned on me that we really didn’t need a “travel system” for Critter because we didn’t need two giant strollers.  They’re heavy!  And large.  So I cancelled the “travel system” on our registry and instead registered for the Chicco KeyFit Caddy Stroller Frame.  This has been a life-saving thing because I use it EVERYWHERE.  Honestly, with the exception of the day I carried Critter out of the hospital, I don’t know that I have ever carried his car seat in or out of any building or house because OMG the car seat itself is like 10 pounds + him in it = WAY too much.

Additionally, we were gifted with two Boppy pillows.  Originally, I was planning to return one, but after the first two weeks of Critter’s life where I realized I had to take the Boppy with me everywhere in order to feed him, I ordered a cover for the second Boppy and just started leaving it in the trunk of my car.  Everywhere we go, it goes too.  One less thing to haul out of the house on our outings.  My parents like the Boppy so much for arm support that they ordered one for themselves.

Diaper Changing

Before Critter was born, Kari told us that we must (MUST) purchase a Keekaroo Peanut Changer as a diaper changing pad.  
For $90, I was really really curious as to why an extremely expensive diaper changing pad would change our lives.  

Answer: It’s made of rubber that you can wipe down when your little one poops or pees on your changing table which will in all likelihood occur at least once per day and sometimes more than once.  I mean can you wash the changing pad covers?  Yes.  But do you need to self-inflict that kind of misery on yourself?  No.  If nothing else, it’s worth it to read the reviews on amazon.

Baby Bathtime

I will preface this by saying that I have never had to give Critter a bath by myself.  This has always been Marcus’ domain since we first watched the nurse give him a bath in the hospital.  Since newborns are small and floppy and all of the baby bathtubs I looked at seemed to be Titantic-sized, I ordered a Puj tub.  This is a $50 piece of foam that you can fold into a tiny tub/seat that can then be stuffed into most sinks for instant bath.  Once we’re done with the bath, I unfold it, wipe it down with a Lysol wipe and hang it in the laundry room to dry.  The other pro is that in terms of storage, this takes up literally no space which is great because we are bursting at the seams in this townhouse.  We retired that at about three months when Critter no longer fit into the Puj tub and he graduated to The Real Bathtub.


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  1. pining this for the next 5-10 years when i hope to start a family! hopefully pinterest is still a thing then!

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