Friday Food Round-Up!

When my cousin Val got married eight-ish years ago, for her bridal shower gift I assembled a cookbook of recipes from all of the women in my family.  When I was in the process of getting married five years ago, my mother assembled a similar, yet different cookbook for me.  So I’ve had these cookbooks for a number of years, filled with family treasures and I have cooked from them here and there but not a great deal.

I’ve always wanted to cook through the recipes in both of them (okay, maybe NOT the recipes for chopped liver) but have always been distracted.  That project started this week because as you know, all we do these days is eat at home and try to find new ways to make dinnertime diverting :).

Monday – Auntie Kim’s Sweaterbox Chicken Salad, Salad



Tuesday – Mom’s Slow Cooker Thai Pork Chicken Stew with Rice, Salad


Wednesday – Auntie Kim’s Mexican Lasagna, Salad



Miscellaneous – Earth Cookies




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