Working Mom

All mamas are working mamas. The ones who stay at home, the ones who work full-time, the ones who do a little bit of each!  Once you have a baby, your whole life is work. Except for when you are sleeping. Then you are Not Working. Instead, you’re Recovering.  Until you’re not because a Tiny Tot woke you up!  Heh.

I can truthfully say that when I went back to work, Critter’s current sleep shenanigans were 100% not compatible with working, and yet! I still did it!  And continue to do it!

I guess I don’t really know what I was expecting when the clock struck 12 weeks and my maternity leave ended.  But here is a selfie of me to commemorate the experience.


This selfie, like all selfies that are halfway put-together, is meant to portray that I Totally Have It Together.

Truth be told, it took me more than a week to take a picture of myself with my hair down, make-up on and adult clothes on.

Apparently we call this…The 5th Trimester.  AKA The One Where You Have To Rejoin The Real World And Act Like Everything Is Normal Even Though You’re Still Really Just Trying To Survive.

That being said, my first month back was truly wonderful.  Three days after Critter was born, I thought Oh my God, I have to go back to work.  Only 11 more weeks of this.  And then I was completely horrified because I always thought I would be one of those moms who worked because they had to.  I was so so so wrong.  I need to work.

And it has been so nice that when Marcus gets home from work and he asks me how my day has been, I have stuff to say!  Not that I didn’t have anything to say when I was on maternity leave.  But I have my own stuff to say now.  Instead of briefing him on whether or not the Dancing Dolls finally brought down the Prancing Tigerettes. Which is nice.

To get out the door is sort of a production.  I must shepherd Critter, his diaper bag, his clean diapers, my purse, my lunch, and my pumping supplies (which occupy an entire rollerboard duffel bag…omg why) out the door.  I have put less effort into packing for some vacations.

I must wake up at 4:40 AM so that Marcus and I can both get through our entire morning routine before Critter rousts and joins the fray (and so that if he does roust early, we can both still make it to work on-time).

Just call it yet another dimension of the human experience that we get to explore.

On the days where I’m not at Work Proper?  More work!  Critter and I eat and change diapers and play and walk and sing songs and go to mom group and baby yoga and wash diapers. Sometimes he naps.  Sometimes I do housework (yi).  I work out.  Sometimes I nap too.

And on all of the days there is cooking and cleaning and at the end of all of it, sleep recovery. Sleep.


One response to “Working Mom

  1. When I had my Bean, I was so lost in the sleeplessness that I never thought about my eventual return to work. And, it took a good month once I was back working (but not back the same, back different because there was literally always something to do and someone who needed me no matter if I was at work or home), that I realized I, too, needed work. And, that is ok and normal and part of me. Motherhood enhanced my scope – it didn’t erase the me that I was.

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