Starting summer with a four month old

Summer is finally for-real here in Minnesota.  We’re having thunderstorms and wonderfully sunny days and morning walks and dinners on the deck and all of it is so nice.  In the afternoons I entertain Critter by setting him up in a blanket nest in the shady part of the deck so he can get some wiggles out, other times we head over to Nana’s to sit on a quilt in the grass so he can behold the leaves (Most Interesting Thing).  Everyone in the family is getting more sleep (see bullet point #3) so I feel like a 100% more decent human than I have for the last 18 weeks.

  • Critter’s four month appointment came and went.  Surprise (not surprise!) he is a healthy baby boy.  He was 17 pounds 15 ounces (90%), 27.75″ long (99.9%), and has a 17.32″ head (97.26%).  Grande.
  • With his four month vaccines came a 101 degree temperature the next day and Critter’s first experience with baby Tylenol.  All is well now.
  • We started sleep training.   There will be a separate post on this.
  • Cloth diapering update: Since we now have a baby who is sleeping a great deal at night, I have ordered some Thirsties inserts so I can beef up the absorbency of his diapers at night.  I actually got this idea from Alpha Mom and 100% we need this because I need diapers to not be the flaw in this grand plan.  These might also become really good diaper bag diapers as he gets a bit older because they take up less space than the prefolds.
  • I have become a full-on yoga person.  It’s good for my fitness, it’s really good for my self-care.  I bought a package of classes to the local yoga studio which also shares a space with the Plymouth outpost of the Yoga Mat Sanctuary and am going to try to go once every week or so.  We’re also still attending BYOB yoga (except for this week where he napped through it).
  • For the past few summers, I’ve done about four planters on the deck but my ability to water those was questionable at best.  Also, I just don’t have the time right now to go to the nursery, pick out some plants, tote them home, and then pot them.  Or remember to water them regularly.  To that end, I will be buying a couple of hanging baskets and calling it a day.  It’s just best to know my limits at this point.

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