Four Months!

We have a four month-old baby. How crazy is that?  To celebrate, he got into a vicious skirmish with Captain Calamari. Between that and the (throat/arm) pinching, he needs to learn “soft hands.”

  • Last Thursday, Critter slept for 8.5 hours and it was HEAVENLY because it meant I got seven hours. On Friday, I felt like I could conquer the WORLD. Also, I told EVERYONE about it. Because I had to. Of course it has not happened again. 
  • I bought an auxiliary toy basket to tuck under our living room coffee table because the clutter in our house was just killing me. I still cannot do anything about the giant toys (bouncer, playmat, exersaucer) but this is better. 
  • I am in the process of acquiring a variety of teething toys for Critter because at some point between now and forever we’ll need them.  Honestly I wish I had sorted out a set of teething beads earlier because more often than not, he’ll grab them instead of my hair. 
  • To solve our cabin blow-out problem we sized up in diapers AND wrapped the diaper in a Thirsties cover. Critter still outwitted us.  On the other hand, we also learned our baby who hates to be wet cannot tell that he is wet in the Pampers overnight diapers. So I think we’re going to start using those for outings where we want him to be comfortable for longer than an hour. 
  • Over the weekend we took Critter out in the baby carrier for the first time. I did successfully wear him in the Boba wrap once (he always felt sort-of too big for it) but he REALLY despised the Gemini until now. I’m guessing a good chunk of why the carrier is now entertaining to him is because he can be front-facing. 

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