Memorial Day Weekend 2016

Since taking Critter Up North for the fishing opener did not result in outright disaster, we decided to do it again. I’ll start this post by giving a shoutout to MNDoT for turning 169 into a one lane road in honor of the holiday weekend. Dealing with that was just super invigorating. 

This weekend was MUCH more relaxing than our first cabin adventure. Perhaps because we were staying for a long weekend so we had time to get settled in. Perhaps because Critter is two weeks older and just handled it better. Perhaps because Critter realized the cabin is a fun place where Nana is too!  Perhaps because we knew what to expect. 

Or maybe we just got lucky.  We may never know.  

Billy, Marcus and I did some fishing on Big Pine. Marcus generally drinks beer and spectates. I cannot say that I blame him because this is generally not a bad idea.  

We also did some fishing with Uncle Doug and cousin Chris on Rice Lake.   

I didn’t know if I had a fish or a weed. 

It was a fish. The only one of the outing, actually. 

We did some fishing on Sunday night even though I was so tired I was dizzy. 

I’m so glad Mom and Marcus basically forced me out there because Billy is only here every so often. 

And we did some fishing on Monday morning before we left because Marcus is a great husband and Critter was a team player and took an extra long nap.  By extra long I mean 45 minutes instead of 35. 

Basically we fished. I drank a few beers. Others drank (more) beers. We tended to the boy king. I ate sprinkle donuts (6) and drank gas station Hazelnut coffee (true favorite). I ate meals I did not have to cook. That was possibly the best part of the whole weekend. 

I broke out the baby carrier for the flea market on Saturday and a walk in town on Sunday. Critter thought it was great and we got to do more activities!  

We also packed a baby lifejacket that we did not use. Critter’s first pontoon ride is now scheduled for the July 4th weekend. I did, however, dip Critter’s tiny feet into Big Pine Lake for the first time.  Just more things to look forward to. 


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