A barely-blog. 

Last week I was standing in our garage wondering why sister wives aren’t a thing.  And once again this is a post I’ve been working on for nearly a week, which means I am averaging a bullet point per day.  Just call this a 365-day journal. 

  • Even though I don’t have one (a sister wife), I really feel like I kicked ass at Mom-ing last week. I was relaxed, I was calm, I was fun, I just enjoyed the company of my child. It was splendid. And then on Friday I was so wiped out I just crashed and burned. Not too proud to admit that.
  • Because photos of Critter are overtaking my phone, I was running into storage issues. I used this trick per Allison’s discovery and it worked.
  • Now that it’s consistently nice outside, Critter and I are outside on the deck on a blanket nest (or on a quilt on nana’s lawn!) at least once a day.  He is just incredibly fascinated by leaves right now so we spend quite a bit of time beholding them.
  • Sleep is terrible. Period.  This week I considered the fact that I have not slept a full night in at least 16 weeks and it was an awful, awful thought.  Combine this with the fact that I have no idea if we are in the four month sleep regression right now (his sleep’s not great but it could always be worse!) and we’re just…surviving.  Last week at dinner, I legit made Jillian describe a nap to me in great detail.  Sleep = The Greatest Mirage.
  • Working out is barely working. When I went back to work, I stopped doing yoga and that meant I did a bad thing to my calf muscle while I was out running on the Saturday before mother’s day. Stretching!  Is So Important!  That feels healed now, but I still haven’t quite gotten into a post-RTW routine. I’m not even sure what a reasonable goal is.  I think it’s probably yoga 3x/wk, and walks with Critter on the days that I am home.
  • On Monday, I started a list of things I someday hope to purchase from Target.  I know more than one of you has to be in this same boat. Send me your stories of solidarity. 
  • Critter is now (crosses self) in 12 month clothing. I am SO curious to find out his current stats at his four month appointment. It’s next week. Feel free to place bets in the comments. 

3 responses to “A barely-blog. 

  1. Oh honey…you’ll barely be able to tie your shoes for years. hang in there. we all love you. and no one’s judging.

  2. PS great phone memory hack. Appreciated!

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