Friday Food Round-Up!

Y’all, I wish I could explain to you how Galina and I became friends, but honestly I have literally no clue.  I know that our husbands were friends before we were, but as to when exactly she came into my life is a mystery.  Maybe she could tell you.  I could tell you that she is the reason that I started running, and that we both ran our first half-marathon together.  I could tell you that our kitchens have identical shelves of cookbooks, completely by chance.  Just last week, she Amazon-ed me a copy of Farmhouse Rules and I loved her for it because as we all know, cooking has just been killing me lately.  I took her gift as an assignment and challenged myself to cook out of it all week because then our menu would be 100% refreshed.

Related: I hope you have a Galina in your life.

Sunday – Grampy Jim’s Ham Chicken Sandwich from Farmhouse Rules, Coleslaw, Tater Tots


This sandwich was sickeningly good.  Obviously we didn’t make it with ham, we actually had a rotisserie chicken from Sunday’s lunch that I reincarnated instead.  We’ll be making this one again.

Monday – Lamb Chicken Stew with Sherry and Mushrooms over Buttered Noodles from Farmhouse Rules


  1. This recipe suggested that it was completely acceptable to substitute beef or chicken for lamb.  So we did.
  2. We are honestly confused as to why one would make this with lamb or beef instead of chicken.
  3. It was delicious.
  4. It allowed me to deal with the remaining misfit carrots in my fridge.

Wednesday – Orzo Salad with Spring Peas from Farmhouse Rules


Real talk: When Marcus went to Cub, he discovered that Orzo was like $10.  Me: DO NOT BUY.  I instead suggested ring noodles which were a much more economical choice.

Miscellaneous – Garden Pie


Now that Marcus has frisbee on Tuesday nights, I need to be able to feed myself without leaving the house and also need to feed myself without putting in a lot of extra effort.  This was the right call.

Miscellaneous – Earth Cookies


It happened.


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