Week 15 Updates

There was a point today where I was debating whether or not it was Tuesday or Thursday.  The only reason I was able to narrow it down to those two days is because they’re the ones I’m home with Critter.  Good thing I remembered that yesterday was Monday.

  • At this point I am not too proud to confess I am envious when I see snaps of people who are wearing appropriate adult clothing (aka things that have not been touched by youths or spit-up) or are living the liberated life of the child-free.  Just last week Marcus and I were discussing our pre-Critter life and the levels of sloth we were able to achieve. Nevermore.
  • We are in search of a disposable diaper that Critter doesn’t blow out for use on vacation and other long outings. Currently the Up & Up Size 2s are not cutting it. The current consensus is to try Pampers in Size 3.
  • I have finally drank the kool•aid and have purchased a class pass for the Yoga Mat Sanctuary. Basically what it comes down to is that I need a Tuesday activity.  We went to BYOB (Bring Your Own Baby) yoga for the first time today and it was great!  I think Critter was more interested in the ceiling fan and eating than the actual yoga but that is fine!
  • Critter and I finally got to check out the sweet skate park on our walking route. We tried out the half bowl (?) in the stroller. LOL. Sk8ers 4 life!
  • I’ve moved into that glamorous post-partum phase where my hair is falling out and I have the night sweats. This is like menopausal boot camp.
  • Critter’s passport arrived. The ordeal of sourcing this document for him is still a story that needs to be told. But!  Now we have a tiny world traveler-to-be!
  • From the department of pestilence: A flying rock on 169 cracked my windshield on Monday.  So there’s a new project to deal with.

2 responses to “Week 15 Updates

  1. Vivianne is the queen of disposable blowouts (granted, we haven’t put much time into finding one that will work – but seriously, every. single. time.) The game changer? Put a cover over the disposable. Yes – you still need to deal with a poopy cover potentially – but they wipe down okay when out and about and it saves the outfit. We had her in disposables during our week in Saint Martin and went through about four covers in that time.

  2. Envisioning you & Critter dropping into the half-pipe in the stroller made my day.

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