Fishing Opener 2016

Like, I think it’s pretty obvious that I have zero time to blog these days, but it’s important to me that I keep up with the cabin-blogging. Looking back on these posts in the winter is what gives me joy when it’s becoming clear that we’re never going to be warm again.

ANYWAY. It was the Minnesota fishing opener and Billy was home from Texas. Had he not been home, I don’t know that we would have gone up. 

More importantly, it was Critter’s first time Up North!  He was just a champ for the drive up (the ride down wasn’t too bad either!) but we paid for it dearly on Friday night when we were treated to a reprisal of The Night Screaming. It was horrid and I am now more sure than ever that I have Absolutely No Idea as to how we survived it for as long as we did. 

On Saturday morning we put the dock in. It’s generally a chilly activity but this year, it was 34 degrees!  We were not deterred! Also, we had no choice!

This also reinforced my belief that Minnesotans are the hardiest of all Americans. 

Then I made Billy go fishing with me.

 This is the closest either of us have ever gotten to ice fishing. 

After my first catch, something fell off of my reel rendering it useless in the sense that it could barely reel. 


What a day!  I know some of you are thinking, Kat, what happened to your sweet plaid lifejacket?  Let me assure you it still lives. BUT. I have never been entirely sure of its True Buoyancy and on a day as cold as Saturday, I wanted to be sure if I went overboard, I would float. 

Other important items of business: I ate maple sprinkle donuts, drank Hazelnut Coffee, we had Zorbaz pizza (worth the wait).  Auntie Kim made Sweaterbox Chicken Salad. 



One response to “Fishing Opener 2016

  1. Sorry to hear about the night screaming. It will stop one day 🙂

    Speaking of cold water, I had friends who would compete to see who could be first to get out waterskiing after the ice came off the lake. In wetsuits, of course, but still. Crazy. Don’t envy you putting the dock in.

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