Pressing Publish

Hello there. I’m just posting these thoughts because if I don’t do it, they’ll be hanging out in my drafts folder forever.

  • If I was ever going to start a new blog, I would call it Coffee & Concealer because that is what has been fueling my life for the last 14 weeks. I’m nearly done with my first bottle of Trader Joe’s cold press (understand that I am working my way through two of them right now – one at home and one at work) and I feel like that is probably another parenting merit badge to add to my sash.
  • On that note, I’m now fairly certain that makeup isn’t for looking pretty, but rather, looking conscious.
  • Last week at new mama group, one mom said, I used to wear nice clothes, now all my clothes come from Costco.  And we were all like, THAT IS THE LORD’S TRUTH SISTER.
  • I nursed Critter in public for the first time on Mother’s Day. Back pat-slow clap.
  • Critter is really on a roll with his hands. The most recent frustration is that he cannot fit both hands AND a paci in his mouth. The Struggle is so real.
  • Our living room has been completely  taken over by baby entertainment devices – playmats, boucers, activity centers. I need the toy rapture to come. And quickly.
  • We’re prepping to take Critter Up North To The Cabin this weekend for the fishing opener.  I am 100% certain that we are giving this (and the accompanying packing) more attention than Mars missions.

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