Coming Up For Air

I knew life was going to get busier when I went back to work but, HOLY COW y’all.  If the days and weeks were moving along at a clip before, now they really are flying by.  May has barely started and already, I feel like it’s over.  How does that even happen?

  • Y’all, I don’t want to call it too early, but for the last nearly two weeks (excluding Passover…bless), we have not had night screaming. Holy God. It has been wonderful on so many levels. Marcus gets to enjoy his evenings with Critter more. We eat meals together. Most importantly: there is no screaming.  Seriously. It was so so so bad to the point where I dreaded nightfall.
  • With the influx of new appliances (furnace!  water heater! washer!  dryer!) our house is now as silent as a space shuttle.  I mean, pretty much anything would be quieter than the racket of ~30 year old appliances but still, it’s amazing what a difference it makes.
  • I am now going to take this time to confess that I continue to live under the delusion that every other mom has it more together than I do. That their babies sleep better, they’re more relaxed when they take their little ones out of the house, they have more clever games and activities to do with the little pups when they’re awake.  And I’m just like Hey look!  There’s moose!  Grab his feet!  Get them!  In my heart, I know this is not true but it’s still there.
  • Critter continues to grow like a weed.  He’s firmly in 9 month clothing, and honestly, I cannot get over how long/tall he is!  We have moved the straps on the car seat to the final length and removed the little headrest thing.  This is made more hilarious by knowing that some of Critter’s contemporaries are just removing the newborn insert.
  • Critter is continuing to do new things!  He loves to chat with me and I love to chat with him.  He has really found his hands.  He’s able to hold his head up when we hold him in a sitting position.  Adult baby stuff. For sure.
  • I do want to take the time to give a shout-out to my #1 favorite Trader Joe’s product of the moment, Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate.  About two months ago, I had Marcus buy a couple of bottles of it to stash in the fridge for “emergencies” after one particular draining day where I asked him to stop by Starbucks on the way home for a large iced coffee. I didn’t touch either of the bottles until…about a week and a half ago?  And then it became necessary for survival.  I know 100% for sure that there is possibly a cheaper way to action this, but for the extra few bucks (and the time that I frankly don’t have at the current moment to dedicate to such activities), it is totally worth it. I have a jug in my fridge at home and another one in the fridge at work.
  • What now passes for an exciting date night in is ordering takeout using one of the many BOGO coupons I have amassed. I am becoming more and more like my parents with every passing day.

2 responses to “Coming Up For Air

  1. I love the cold brew concentrate! I’m curious how you mix it though…I tried almond milk but didn’t love it, not I’m on trader joe’s “coconut beverage” but I’m curious if regular milk would be a better choice for me.

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