Daily Archives: 04.20.2016

The Final Plague

This morning, our washer made two clunks in the middle of the wash cycle (How Ominous, I Know) and then left our home for The Laundry Room In The Sky.  I cannot say that this was totally unexpected as again, like the furnace and the water heater, it was an original-to-the-house appliance.


I think we can all agree that there has been quite enough Pestilence.  My father-in-law jokingly called this the 10th Plague and seriously guys, he wasn’t really wrong.  In the spirit of Our Upcoming Holiday, it is only appropriate to recap what has Fallen Upon Our House In The Last 12 Weeks:

My car got a flat tire, my car battery died, Marcus’ car got rear ended, his car’s transmission tried to darken death’s door but was saved by a second opinion, we had to replace our furnace/water heater/microwave, I got an ocular migraine and was subsequently sent to the ER, got mastitis, and I had two moles removed and biopsied.

My mother-in-law’s car was rear-ended in our driveway,  I got a horrific head cold, the furnace people neglected to reconnect our air conditioner which we did not discover until the temperatures were ranging into the mid-70s.  A hive of bees made its home outside of our front door.

The washer died.


I’m not recapping all of this again because I’m begging to be pitied (though I did actually shed some tears this AM because OMG ENOUGH AND WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING).  I’m writing it down so that someday, when Little Critter joins our family (a long ways off, to be sure), I remember that all of this super insane stuff happened while Critter was just a wee pup and it all turned out Fine.

Not only did it turn out fine, but at the end of the day, Critter is a healthy, thriving baby boy and that is really all that matters.  All of this is survivable, or merely an inconvenience, as long as he is Okay.  We’ll just keep leaving a wake of destruction and dollar bills and watch the days race by as he continues to grow.