Daily Archives: 04.17.2016

The Last Week of Leave

Maternity leave is winding down, y’all.  I have to start coming to terms with things, like the fact that I probably won’t succeed in finishing the third season of Bring It! before Thursday.  Marcus and I have to devise an entirely new morning routine so that the three of us are able to get out the door in a way that is at least somewhat civilized.  Not that we have an extremely high functioning morning routine currently (essentially, Marcus ensures that I can shower before he heads out the door), but it works for us.  It’s a difficult life.

  • Critter is fun!  I think we’re on the tail end of another growth spurt/leap and you guys, this kid is just the loveliest.  He is such a smiley little partner in crime for most of the day, and he is able to play so much more!  With mama, by himself on the baby playmat, all of it.  He also loves to chat with us and tell us all about his day, the dreams he had while he was napping and the injustices in his world.  It’s the best.
  • On Sunday, we went on a family walk to Dairy Queen and that was really lovely.  Critter slept for part of the walk and the other part of the walk, he played with the rattle that we have named “bug.”  All of Critter’s toys with the exception of Captain Calamari have very literal names like “Moose” and “Monkey” and “T-Rex” and “Bunny.”
  • Bri was in town and Critter and I went on our first outing to meet a friend In The Wild!  I brought a bottle with, he sort of hated it (the bottle), but I got to see Bri and we did it.  I know that taking him “places” will continue to get easier as he gets older/is awake for longer periods of time/gets better at taking a bottle.
  • An update on Pestilence, lest our lives seem too perfect (LOL not).
    • Week 9: Our neighbor rear ends my mother-in-law.  The only good to come of this is that even though we have lived here for seven years, neither Marcus nor I could ever remember his name. Obviously, we have lived next to this person for so long, we couldn’t possibly ask.  Anyway.  Now we know.
    • Week 10: I get a horrific head cold.
    • Week 11: We have temperatures in the upper 70s and discover that when the furnace contractors came, they neglected to re-hook-up our air conditioning after they installed the new furnace.  Heat wave.  We discover a nest of ground bees in the bushes right outside of our front door.  What the hell.
  • The yoga mat sanctuary is opening an outpost in Plymouth on May 1.  This is joyous news as it is probably a 5-7 minute drive from my house versus 25-35 minutes.  Katie and I are already signed up for new mama group.  I’m also really pleased because I was hoping to do some of the other classes with Critter as he got older (and more able to tolerate our adventures) and now it will be extremely easy to do this.
  • I just ordered a TON of nine month clothes for our tot for the summer.  As darling as it was to watch Critter cavort about in footie pjs for the first 11 weeks of his life, they’re not exactly practical for the warm weather (yes, even in Minnesota).  And he’s nearly outgrown his six month stuff. He’s going to look pretty spiffy in his resort wear.