Just another afternoon in The Glider. 

Hostage situation. 

Today started out so well. Critter had a great night of sleep, he was the happiest baby in the world until about 10 AM. And then Everything Became Upsetting. Eating. Not eating. Changing diapers. Having wet diapers. Cuddling. Not cuddling. Napping. Not napping. The highs So High. The lows So Low. 

  • Can someone please tell me what is “in” in terms of clothing right now? I’ve been out of the game for a full year now so I need…help. And please don’t tell me to StitchFix. I’d rather just close my eyes and buy five random things from the J. Crew Factory online and save myself the.  How about this…if you just bought a top that you LOVE (or there are some tops you would love to buy!) please share the links?  It’s like the closet in the sky.
  • I’m getting my hair cut on Friday, which is pretty excellent since the last time that happened was December.
  • I tried on my work clothes. My “skinniest” size fits snugly and the size up fits comfortably.  More importantly, my colored shorts from J. Crew fit!  Summer can come now. 
  • My parents close on their house on Friday!  And then they will properly live in Plymouth again.
  • The three of us officially survived the six week ECFE class at our synagogue. Even though nights are the hardest, and Critter was the youngest by a good two months, it was good for us to get out each week and for Marcus to be able to have a dad-group.  Last night we had to go around and share what about our babies we were “experts” in. I said that I am an expert at how to get Critter to nap when he wants our tummies to be touching. 
  • We also did our first baby-craft at ECFE. Critter made a matzo plate for Passover with his handprints and footprints on it.  I don’t want to say it and be That Parent, but I have to. It’s precious. 
  • We made an appointment to take Critter to apply for his first passport next week. Tiny world traveler?  Probably not. But it’s a good thing to have. 
  • Vanderpump Rules-followers: Stassi has a podcast called Straight Up with Stassi and she calls her listeners Khaleesis. You need this in your life. 

3 responses to “Just another afternoon in The Glider. 

  1. I had this realization after my second son of, “what the heck is in style?!” I haven’t worn real clothes in nearly 2.5 years. I found my cutest stuff at target honestly, and did use stitch fix once I was at my goal weight for work pants, as there was no way I was taking the time to shop for new work pants. Someone else needed to do that for me.

  2. I did some damage on loft.com with 30% off this weekend (although I ended up randomly picking the things that were 50% off (so that was a nice bonus!) ((but of course they mark it all up…)).

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