Daily Archives: 04.11.2016


Y’all, on Saturday I was planning to take a selfie because I managed to put on make-up and wear my hair down and I felt that I was looking especially good and I wanted the world to know!  Put your best foot forward on the internet because your digital footprint is forever!

Did not happen.  So I took this selfie on Sunday morning instead that is more representative of my life right now.


I will be honest, I think I still look cute.

  • Last Friday we had a new furnace AND water heater installed.  Originally, it was just supposed to be a furnace, but when they were removing the old furnace, they took one look at the water heater (which was corroded at the bottom and original to the house) and recommended a new one. It was only when they started cutting it down that the contractors realized that the water heater legs had rotted out from under it and it was literally only upright because of the piping above.  OH MY GOD WE DODGED SUCH A BULLET.
  • I go back to work in…10 days?  I’m honestly really looking forward to it, but over the weekend I realized I needed to get serious and get internet shopping and organizing things for both sets of grandparents’ houses so that Critter has what he needs when he goes there.
  • I still haven’t tried on any of my work clothes.  Stay tuned.  And start praying.
  • I ordered some PROBARs the other day because after eating two enchiladas in four minutes, I felt like there had to be a better way to eat (sometimes).  I’ve bought PROBARs in the past for vacations and whatnot and they seem to be pretty nutritionally sound, so that’s a solution for now.
  • I think on Wednesday, we officially flip the switch from sort-of Spring to For Real Spring because we get into some pretty consistent 50 and 60 degree temperatures.  That will be just supremely nice for getting back into going on some nice long walks with Critter where he doesn’t have to be completely bundled up.
  • We have become the sort of people who own one of those little counter lawns used for drying bottles and pump parts.
  • Critter finally decided that a Munchkin bottle with a size 2 nipple was the secret key to treating life like an All You Can Eat Buffet.  Hallelujah.
  • On Saturday afternoon, Marcus and I were out at a taproom with some friends.  It felt wonderfully normal and extremely reminiscent of our past life. While we were there, Jillian asked me if there were any foods I had eaten since Critter’s birth that I missed during pregnancy. My first answer was that I finally got to enjoy blue cheese and prosciutto again (YAS). But my second answer was that since I’m still exclusively breastfeeding (and have now thrown running into the mix), right now calories are pretty much my favorite food. If you can eat it, I will.