Daily Archives: 04.07.2016

Blogging from our glider…

…Because I’m trapped in it and need something to do.  

Current view. 

Yesterday I found myself in a similar situation and realized I was not entirely sure as to whether or not I had turned our crockpot on for dinner. Blessedly I did remember and did not have Salmonella Stew sitting on the counter. 

  • Today, I ate two enchiladas in four minutes. I think we could create a gameshow, in the format of that 4th of July Hot Dog Eating Contest where moms go head to head to see who can consume the following foods the fastest using only one hand: 6″ sub, toast, fresh cup of coffee, yogurt, hot soup, casserole. 
  • I can now safely say that you haven’t really shared with someone until you’ve used their Boppy. 
  • Our tiny catnapper can sleep through episodes of Bring It! but cannot sleep through episodes of Call Your Girlfriend. So that should tell you what intellectual level I’m on this week. 
  • The Great Bottle Feeding Experiment Continues. He seems to be the most into the Munchkin with Size 2 nipples, but we still have the Tommie Tippee to try (from Katie) and two others (I think one of them is a Dr. Brown’s) from Christine. We are truly The Boxcar Children of bottles. If your have some your baby hated, we’ll try them.