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The Maternity Clothes I Would Buy Again

Can y’all tell that I am in the middle of cleaning out my drafts-folder and there’s stuff I started that just never got finished?

Obviously I am not a maternity clothing expert, but in case anyone is looking to start building up their maternity wardrobe, I thought I would share what got the most wear in my closet.  I will also note that since I only wear dresses to work (I think I am celebrating three years of this in April), I can offer no assistance in the way of maternity slacks, blouses, etc.

A Pea in The Pod Skinny Maternity Leggings via Macy’s

You guys, these are not the nice leggings that you wore before you were pregnant, but they fit the entire time that I was pregnant (even after I had given up on the jeggings), so they win.  I had a love-hate relationship with the over-belly waistband, but in the end it just did not matter.

Camisoles by BeMaternity by Ingrid & Isabel for Target

Things that are true about maternity camisoles.  All of them are see-through, some of them are cheaper than others.  These ones were much cheaper than the SNUG ones and they managed to fit for my entire pregnancy.  I also felt that whatever synthetic fabric these were made of was much nicer than the SNUG ones.

Gilligan & O’Malley Bras

They’re $15 a bra.  So when you need to buy a new size, it’s really cost-effective.  Victoria’s Secret they are not, but they seem to hang together in the wash.

Merona Women’s Favorite V-Neck Tee

I am pretty sure that every woman who shops at Target owns at least one of these but probably more like…10.  They are wonder-shirts.  I wore mine through the entire pregnancy and they…fit.  If you don’t own any of these (pregnant or not) it’s time to treat yourself.

Seraphine Black Shift Maternity Dress

Dress 2

I will preface this by saying that everything I bought from Seraphine worked extremely well.  As I was sourcing pieces, I knew that relying on them for most of my work clothes would either end up being the best decision or the absolute worst.  It ended up being the best and I know that all of their dresses will survive another pregnancy without issue.

This dress only came to work for like the last two weeks of my pregnancy because I was down to the bottom of the barrel in terms of what would fit, but besides that I wore it to every other event ever.  Weddings, baby showers, fancy dinners/events out.  You really need to buy this one.

Seraphine – Black  Knot Front Maternity Dress

Seraphine 2

I also bought the short-sleeved version of this dress in turquoise.  Also comfortable, but I felt like after a certain point in my pregnancy where it was just showing everything.  Not the case with the black version!  Also since it was fall/winter in Minnesota for most of my pregnancy, the long sleeves were just more practical.

Maxi Dresses

Snap 13

This is me, very obviously not pregnant (let’s all pour one out for my pre-baby body!).  But this dress was from Old Navy and I am pretty sure I wore it into October so…month six-ish?  I can also say the same for the other two maxi dresses in my closet.  If I were having a baby in the summer, I would have purchased more of them, but I wasn’t so I didn’t.

Stuff I Did Not Have To Buy

As we all know, I have a fairly large waterfall cardigan collection and these got a TON of wear in third trimester.  They also got a ton of wear after Critter arrived because all I wore for the entirety of my maternity leave was cardigans and nursing tanks.  Unfortunately all of them are super-old so I couldn’t even tell you to go out and buy them if I wanted to.  Galina also blessed me with some of her maternity tops, so I didn’t have to go out and buy any additional tees or tanks.  I probably would have survived without, but it was really nice to have a few that were super-long.  Just go to Pea In The Pod/Motherhood and grab a couple with that super-cool ruching on the sides.