Monday Truths

From the department of really superficial stuff, yesterday I contemplated taking a selfie for this post (who knows why, really).  Fate intervened and prevented me from doing such a thing, which spared us all from the horror of permanently commemorating The Ponytail Of Defeat and the battle that my concealer is slowly-but-surely losing.  On the other hand, it’s April which means that Spring is going to settle in For Real and it also means that we have a baby entering his third month of life.

  • The Night Screaming.  Based on our doctor’s appointment and my intensive efforts at getting Critter down for naps at home (leading to a near-PR for sleep in a 24 hour period), it seems that this is a developmental thing and we just have to deal.
    • Marcus has purchased ear plugs to give him strength while he is on calming duty.  At first I thought he was insane but after he used them for the first time and they worked, I was impressed by his cleverness.
  • We are in possession of one adult baby who slept eight hours in a row last night.  I don’t want to curse ourselves, but I also want to celebrate because now we know it is possible for him to do this!  I will also note that we got The Most Best Night Sleep Since He Was Born last week.  Like, amounts of sleep where we didn’t need to take naps to survive.  I am so thankful and it feels so good to not feel like something the cat dragged in at 5:00 AM.
    • That being said, I’ve been awake to some degree since 3:00 AM today so, let’s all say a prayer that the whole not needing a nap thing holds true today as well.
  • I confessed to Marcus on Saturday that I was lonely, which so sounds so stupid even to type here.  But if it makes one mama feel less alone to know someone else feels this way too, then I am happy to admit it.  Long story short, he had plans on Sunday to see a movie that were going to take him out of the house for a solid five hours in the afternoon (and dashed hopes for an afternoon date).  I wanted him to go to the movie because that is a totally normal thing that he used to enjoy doing before we had a kid.  Since he was going to spend time with his friends, he wanted to give me the chance to have the morning to do things by myself.  Which was very sweet.  Except I realized that I didn’t want to be all alone in the morning and then also all alone with Critter in the afternoon since I am basically alone all the time during the week already.  Anyway, I took myself out for breakfast at the new Bachelor Farmer Cafe.  I ordered some stuff on the guidance of the barista that ended up being a gruyere and ham croissant and a cream puff arrangement with a Scandinavian name as well as a latte with bourbon vanilla.  Look.IMG_4351It was nice.  I’d go again.
  • On Sunday, I realized that last week I really struggled with giving myself grace for a whole host of reasons, so I am going to work at that this week because I deserve it.
  • Bottle feeding.  How did babies ever figure out how to eat before they had The Options Of Today available?  So far Critter has spurned to varying degrees the Avent Slow Flow, Playtex, and Mam bottles.  He seems to be sort of into the Munchkin Latch.  We’re just going to keep trying until we find success.  The kid has 18 days to figure it out.
  • Maternity leave is over in 18 days OMG.  I really am looking forward to going back to work, but at the same time how is my baby nearly old enough that I can leave him for a whole day?  I really need to set aside some time in the next week to try on all of my work clothes so I can figure out what fits and what doesn’t.  That should be a memorable experience.
  • Because I am slow to every party, I just downloaded the Kindle app to my iPhone (I think I can hear 2012 calling) and now when I am trapped in the glider, in addition to watching Terrible TV, I can also read library books!  I know what you’re thinking.  We Have Created A Monster.

4 responses to “Monday Truths

  1. I totally feel the lonely thing! When I had my Bean, I thought I wanted alone time – but I was really torn between wanting a nap and wanting time with other adults where I could just be ME (even if I talked baby the whole time). It took a lot a lot of grace to voice this, but it helped me and my guy prioritize my rare off hours better.

  2. I totally feel you on the loneliness, although I don’t have a hubby or babe. But way to go on the honesty, keep letting your husband know what you’re feeling, and ask him how he’s doing, everything is always changing and its good to check in. I still haven’t gotten to bachelor farmer, but hopefully soon!

  3. Okay, I am about to provide completely unsolicited advice, which I always hated receiving, so please ignore if it does not suit. Re: the Night Screaming, the only thing that worked for our son was the blowdryer. Other forms of white noise helped, but the blowdryer close to his head was the only thing that saved us in the first 3 months of his life (he’s 12 tomorrow!). Swaddling also helped a lot. (I’m a big fan of The Happiest Baby on the Block, which covers this stuff in detail.)

    I also remember feeling really lonely, and I also found it hard to find the energy to get out and interact with people. It’s tough. All I would say is to continue to try to treat yourself with the compassion that you would one of your friends.

    Also, can I just say how crappy such a short mat leave is? (I’m Canadian, so I had a year.)

    • I appreciate the advice so much. I actually heard about the hair dryer at the yoga mat sanctuary so you are in good company there!!!

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