Checking In and Stuff

When I think about how things were going at this time last week (cluster feeding and living in the glider with a baby who only wanted to be on top of me), everything is just so much calmer.

  • Critter had his two month appointment.  He is now 24.75″ long (98th percentile!) and 13 pounds 14 oz (85th percentile!).  Or as our pediatrician informed us, he is the size of a four month old.  If you want to know where my baby weight has gone, that is where.
  • My weight has settled approximately 8.5 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight for a total weight loss of 32.5 pounds.  This is fine.  This is great!  I have a body that is healthy, can feed my baby, and can run.  There is nothing else that I need.  Really.  Also, I really don’t think the last pounds will go anywhere until he weans.  Or I stop eating like a teenager.  My spider sense is telling me if I ate one less dessert and one more serving of vegetables, it probably would not be a terrible idea.  YOLO.
    • I managed my first successful naptime run.  I tried to run during naptime twice last week and it was a disaster because Critter busted up my run at 7 minutes and 20 minutes.  Yesterday, I got a full 30 minute workout in.  Miracle!
  • We have a night screaming problem, you guys.  At some point between 5:30-6 PM, a switch flips in our little guy and he howls inconsolably for approximately two hours.  It’s a colic cry except he doesn’t demonstrate any of the other signs of colic.  When posed to the pediatrician (along with the hypotheses of reflux and overtiredness) she felt he was getting enough sleep and that he didn’t show signs of reflux (which I agree with).  Basically we’re supposed to ride it out, so pray for us people.  If it’s developmental, then it should resolve itself in the next 4-8 weeks!  LOL OMG.
  • Sleep.  How is that going?
    • He’s starting to consolidate his night sleep. Hallelujah!  This has made every single day easier because Marcus and I are getting more better blocks of sleep at night.
    • When he wakes up at night, I feed him, change his diaper, rock him for five minutes and return him to his crib and he self-directs back to sleep.  I am SO thankful for this.
    • He is taking some decent morning naps and generally does not fight taking them.
    • Sleep after 12:00 PM is a nightmare.  He doesn’t like it.  I feel like we’ve been running around a lot in the afternoon lately (taproom/Easter/mom group) and he has napped in the car or catnapped on me, but clearly that is not enough napping.  So, we’re going to hunker down at home for the next few afternoons to see what sort of afternoon naps we can accomplish and then start to schedule our lives around those.
  • This week Nina and I went to the Yoga Mat Sanctuary in St. Paul.  This group was less wisdom from the den mother and more sisterhood which was enjoyable.  I almost laughed out loud when at the beginning of the class the den mother said, I hate to interrupt the talking that is going on because it is really beautiful.  At the same time, half of the cachet of the group is that it has this ridiculous Earth mother feel and I still don’t really identify as that type of person.  Even though I am exclusively breastfeeding, and cloth diapering, and own a piece of fabric to wear my baby in, and many different salves that have been certified as organic by the Oregon Tilth.  Who am I?
  • I went out for dinner for the first time without Critter or Marcus on Wednesday and even though I failed at changing out of my yoga pants or putting on a bra or putting on makeup (I made it out the door, okay?) it was really nice to get out.
  • This week’s pestilence was the death of our microwave.  We now have…a new microwave.  Target store pick-up is amazing.  I have not set foot in a Target store since before Critter was born.  I have however spent plenty of money ordering things from Target that I then have Marcus (or in this most recent instance, my mother) pick-up from guest services.
  • ITV did a documentary on Queen Elizabeth that aired…last week?  It is called The Queen at 90.   M found the link to the full length of the program on YouTube and tweeted it out.  It is here.  Obviously for those members of the group who are able to commit large swaths of the day to television, it is worth the watch. Or you know, if you are a Queen Elizabeth fan.

One response to “Checking In and Stuff

  1. We accepted the advice of having strict nap times at 10 and 2pm whether naps were needed or not. It created consistency which made many other things go more easily. Your experience will vary.

    Go Gophers!

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