53 Days and Counting

Holy cow, y’all.  In four weeks I am going back to work.  I am looking forward to it, but I am also trying to figure out how on Earth we will possibly feel like we have our act together by the time I go back!

  • My biopsy results came back. The mole on my arm was benign. The mole on my stomach was atypical and usually they would let it be since it was removed with clear margins. But because there appears to be some pigment regrowth, I’ll be having it re-removed more fully on 5/5.  Anyway, Not Cancer. Hallelujah.
  • OMG Critter is still growing.  His two month appointment is next week so I will be VERY interested to learn what his stats are but on Wednesday morning, I noticed that his feet had finally made it to the bottom of his footie pjs.  Considering these are the six month size, I am terrified for the day when we have to make the call that he is moving up to the nine month stuff.  I really think that best case scenario we have a month left.
  • Date night last week was just incredibly excellent. We really needed it.  We talked about Critter only 30% of the time and the only reason we checked-in is because we were going to be home late.  Bless my in-laws.
  • In the past week I have dumped coffee on no less than two white tank tops within an hour of putting them on.  There has to be a better way.
  • As Faux Fuchsia says, the action is in the comments section. There were so many great comments on Stuff I Wish I Had Known both here and on Facebook that I might write a follow-up post with a list of stuff everyone else wishes they had known.
  • I’ve decided Cluster Feeding is like a bad Hangover Sunday from college without all of the Taco Bell. But with all of the bad tv.  Can you tell what we have been doing for the past few days?
  • Tomorrow I am FINALLY getting my massage and it is going to be 90 glorious minutes of relaxation.  This will be the third massage I have had in my life and it will be WONDERFUL.

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