Magically It Is Thursday.

Again, with the time-travel.  On Sunday I was thinking that this would be a long week and even though there were some decidedly not easy days (not sleeping, endless shrieking), here we are.  Our Small Friend is in the middle of his 6 week growth spurt from what I can tell because there is lots of eating and fussing about eating and only falling asleep to nap during the day if it is on me. This is definitely one of those weeks where I am 100% putting my faith in the fact that you cannot build bad habits at this age.  Please God Let This Be True.

  • Pumping continues to be legit the greatest thing ever.  I think if I had initially had breastfeeding issues, I would likely have a more fraught relationship with this but OMG THE FREEDOM.
    • Thing I didn’t know about until someone else told me: There are microwave-steamer sterilization bags you can purchase from Medela that you can use to sterilize your pump parts instead of boiling them every time.  Miracle of efficiency!
  • We continue to go to Jewish ECFE.  This week a pediatrician came to talk with us about introducing solids (LOL SO NOT OUR ISSUE RIGHT NOW) but the entire group got derailed into lots of discussing about sleep, which was instead more helpful for us.
  • I returned to the Yoga Mat Sanctuary on Wednesday.  This time I went by myself and was prepared with an appropriate number of blankets for Critters nest and socks.  This time no one was wearing socks, so I played it cool and kept mine in the diaper bag.  We engaged in a mindfulness/centering exercise (namaste!) and after asking a question about cloth wipes, I was praised by the den mother for using these.  This is only hilarious because even though I have yet to write My Big Cloth Diapering Post, I really did not do a lot of research before deciding to do this and we are 100% Not Motivated To Do This By Our Impact On The Earth.
  • The last week in reality TV has been consumed by a show called Bring It! on Lifetime which is about hip hop dance troupes in the South. Highly recommend. That being said, with the start of March Madness, Critter and I will be taking advantage of watching all the basketball that we can handle. 
  • We are going on our first post-Critter date all by ourselves on Friday.  My in-laws are going to spend quality time with the little guy and we are going to go out and be alone.  Again, FREEDOM.  Do we know what we are going to do?  Absolutely not.  But We Are Excited.

2 responses to “Magically It Is Thursday.

  1. Enjoy your critter-less date!! I’m loving your updates along the way!

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