Week 6

You guys, we turned a corner last week.  Lots of smiling, and much more happiness with the world versus Week 5 where We Hated Everything.  By Everything, I mean tummy time, reading, playing, all of it!  The Worst!  But no more.

  • I went on my first run since October on Friday.  IMG_4214 (1)Even though my decision-making process was 100% questionable, I ran outside, and I ran three straight miles.  I am paralyzed now which I totally saw coming.  Moving forward, I’ll be stepping it back to intervals for the next few weeks and I’ll probably be doing most runs inside on the treadmill just so that I can give my muscles and joints a fighting chance at easing into all of this because I don’t actually want to hurt myself.
  • On Friday, I started pumping.
    • Critter had his first ever bottle and was completely unfazed by the situation.  Turncoat.
    • I left the house for two hours for the first time since he was born and it was really wonderful.  I went and got myself lunch, visited Eli and Dan’s new puppy Mabel, went to Caribou and got myself a mango iced tea which is my treat of choice these days, and leisurely browsed the library.
    • This also means that now other people will be able to watch Critter so Marcus and I can eventually go on an actual date by ourselves.  Or you know, so that Marcus and Critter can have time alone together with an unlimited supply of snacks.
    • We can start adventuring out to more places with him and I don’t have to worry about how I will comfortably feed him out of the house.  My back continues to be an ongoing issue and until he can support himself more, I simply cannot see any other “real” solution.  This is fine.  I’m done feeding myself the lie from mom group that it is empowering to breastfeed your baby in public because it really isn’t if it causes you pain and THAT IS OKAY.  If this is the most difficult part of breastfeeding, I think we should just put one big “X” in the Win-column and call it a day.
  • We went to Jewish ECFE at our synagogue on Tuesday night.  For those keeping track, this is my fourth parenting group.  Dads come along to this one as well – that’s nice for Marcus because 90% of the non-family visitors to our house since Critter has been born have been women and it’s good for him to hear how other dads are parenting.  Even though Critter is the youngest one in the group by a good month and a half, we like the people in this one and we can now find out how literally everyone else in the group has handled X, Y, and Z situations.
  • If four weeks is the point where life felt “normal,” this is the point at which everything feels easier.  I don’t know if this is because I care way less than I did (I don’t think I was really high-strung before), if I am simply tired, or if it really just is, but I will take it.
  • I know when Critter was born, we were worried about keeping him off the internet.  As it turns out, Marcus and I are like WAY too tired/preoccupied to even take photos of him most days, much less assemble a Facebook photo album or anything else of the like.  And, because I have yet to bless you all with a photo of Our Son’s face (this will continue to be a rarity) and he is the cutest ever, here is one from when he was 2.5 weeks old.  IMG_4052Since this is buried at the bottom of the post, now we’ll actually know who is reading and who is not.  Thank you for surviving all of these updates.  Even if they’re boring to you, they have made a difference to me, since they’re something I can “work” on.  I swear to God someday you will once again read non-baby related musings and that we will do away with the bullet points.  Until then, be strong.

6 responses to “Week 6

  1. He’s adorable!

  2. What a sweetie!

    Good for you for getting out! I found it to be a turning point for me when I could leave the house for more than an hour at a time. I know plenty of women who never used a bottle and, um, they did not seem to be in a better place for it. I am a firm believer that taking care of yourself – and that means taking time for yourself when you need it – is necessary in order to be present for those around you.

  3. There is no shame in Baby talk and bullet points, it will be fun for you to look back on over the years to come!

  4. Adorable Critter! And yay to running!

  5. He is a beauty!!!!! So cute.

  6. Your updates bring a smile to my heart. Happy for all y’all.

    Go Gophers.

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