Updates Because It’s Monday

Last night, before I went to sleep, I flipped through all the snaps of Critter on my phone, which I think is just about the Mom-est thing that you can possibly do.  I felt all of the Most Proud feelings even though 99% of the photos are of him laying in different places/positions.

I keep on meaning to write a post that isn’t bullet points, but since I have yet to sit down and write a post all in one go, you’re going to keep getting thoughts in bits and pieces.

  • First order of business, here I am, trying out the patterned yoga pants.  I think the black ones do more for me than the stripes, personally, but I am giving them my best shot.IMG_4190
  • As you can see from the above snap, I am also successful in my goal of showering each day.  38 days strong, people!
  • Let it be known that on the 36th day, Marcus, Critter and I went out for lunch at Pineda Tacos.  Critter slept the entire time (THANK YOU LORD) and Marcus and I ate tacos and it was wonderful.  Look.  Food.  Outside of my house.IMG_4173
  • We have moved into the stage where Critter now needs coaxing to go to sleep.  We have become much more aggressive with our nap game since we realized that about a week ago he completely lost the ability to just conk out on his own.  This was obviously leading to problems.  The moment he yawns twice, I have our small friend wrapped up in a swaddle faster than you can say “go to sleep.”
    • Is putting your baby to sleep “drowsy but awake” some sort of weird russian roulette with sleep?  We try this but at our own peril.
  • The magic cookies that Whitney has been making – she finally sent me the recipe and I made some changes and then wrote up the recipe here.  She was right.  They are just phenomenally easy to make so there are no excuses.  They’re probably good for people doing fitness and stuff too, but right now they are a milk-supply/fast snack-thing.
  • When I was talking with Marcus over the weekend, I let him know how I prioritize my day.  Now I shall enlighten the rest of you.
    • Tend to Critter.  This is the majority of my day.  Obviously.
    • Drink coffee.
    • Eat all meals.
    • Shower and attire myself in clean clothing.
    • Nap.  This is competitive with showering, but the reality is that I can sneak in a shower with a smaller block of time than it takes to nap.  Sometimes we do not make it to this step.
    • Do yoga or walk on the treadmill.
    • Read.  Or blog.  Or both.
  • Speaking of things I do, since Marcus was home over the weekend, I had the chance to read an entire book from start to finish and it was just life-changing.  It was not a particularly taxing read, but it was still a nice thing to do.
  • Finally, obviously we went on more walks.  We got the car seat adapter to the BOB about a week and a half ago and finally got the whole thing up and running at that point.  Walking with the other snap-in stroller frame was fine for our around the block jaunts, but that was really designed for running errands and will reside forevermore in the car.  This is the new regime.IMG_4184

2 responses to “Updates Because It’s Monday

  1. It sounds like you guys are doing well!! Nap vs shower is a tough choice haha 😉

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